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Synthesis, structural characterization and chemical behavior of new dimeric Ru(III) complexes 1-gen-1998 IENGO, ELISABETTAALESSIO, ENZOCALLIGARIS, MARIOMESTRONI, GIOVANNI
Novel ruthenium(III) dimers Na-2[{trans-RuCl4(Me2SO-S)}2(mu-L)] and [{mer,cis-RuCl3(Me2SO-S)(Me2SO-O)}2(mu-L)] (L = bridging heterocyclic N-donor ligand) closely related to the antimetastatic complex Na[trans-RuCl4(Me2SO-S)(Him)] 1-gen-1999 IENGO, ELISABETTAGEREMIA, SILVANOCALLIGARIS, MARIOALESSIO, ENZO +
Complessi di Rutenio con elevata attività antitumorale 1-gen-1999 ALESSIO, ENZOSAVA, GIANNIIENGO, ELISABETTAZORZET, SONIAA. BERGAMO +
Composti dimerici di rutenio utili quali agenti antimetastatici ad antineoplastici 1-gen-1999 ALESSIO, ENZOIENGO, ELISABETTASAVA, GIANNI +
Solution and solid state structure of a canted, side-to-face, bis-porphyrin adduct. 1-gen-1999 ALESSIO, ENZOGEREMIA, SILVANOIENGO, ELISABETTA +
Novel Homo- and Heterobimetallic molecular Squares of Porphyrins 1-gen-2000 IENGO, ELISABETTA
Ruthenium complexes with high antitumoral and antimetastatic activities 1-gen-2000 ALESSIO, ENZOSAVA, GIANNIIENGO, ELISABETTAZORZET, SONIAA. BERGAMO +
Ruthenium dimeric compounds suitable as antimetastatic and antineoplastic agents 1-gen-2000 ALESSIO, ENZOSAVA, GIANNIIENGO, ELISABETTAZORZET, SONIAA. BERGAMO +
Lack of in vitro cytotoxicity, associated to increased G2-M cell fraction and inhibition of matrigel invasion, may predict in vivo-selective antimetastasis activity of ruthenium complexes 1-gen-2000 ZORZET, SONIABERGAMO AALESSIO, ENZOIENGO, ELISABETTASAVA, GIANNI +
Orientation and Restricted Rotation of Lopsided N–donor Heterocyclic Bioligands in Octahedral Ruthenium Complexes 1-gen-2000 ALESSIO, ENZOIENGO, ELISABETTAZANGRANDO, ENNIOGEREMIA, SILVANOCALLIGARIS, MARIO +
Novel Ruthenium Building Blocks for the Efficient Modular Construction of Heterobimetallic Molecular Squares of Porphyrins 1-gen-2000 IENGO, ELISABETTAMILANI, BarbaraZANGRANDO, ENNIOGEREMIA, SILVANOALESSIO, ENZO
Understanding Orientation and Dynamic Motion of Planar Heterocyclic N-Donor Ligands by Exploiting the Symmetry Properties of Mixed-Ligand m-oxo Rhenium(V) Dimers [ReOCl2(L)(L')]-O-[ReOCl2(L)(L')]: a Combined X-ray Structural and Dynamic NMR Investigation. 1-gen-2000 ALESSIO, ENZOZANGRANDO, ENNIOIENGO, ELISABETTA +
Antimetastatic properties and DNA interactions of the novel class of dimeric Ru(III) compounds Na2[{trans-RuCl4(Me2SO)}2(μ-L)] (L=ditopic, non-chelating aromatic N-ligand). A preliminary investigation 1-gen-2000 ALESSIO, ENZOIENGO, ELISABETTAZORZET, SONIABERGAMO ASAVA, GIANNI +
A spectroscopic study of the reaction of NAMI, a novel ruthenium(III) anti-neoplastic complex, with bovine serum albumin 1-gen-2000 ALESSIO, ENZOIENGO, ELISABETTA +
Effects of NAMI-A and some related ruthenium complexes on cell viability after short exposure of tumor cells. 1-gen-2000 A. BERGAMOZORZET, SONIAALESSIO, ENZOIENGO, ELISABETTASAVA, GIANNI +
Stepwise Assembly of Unsymmetrical Supramolecular Arrays Containing Porphyrins and Coordination Compounds. 1-gen-2000 ALESSIO, ENZOIENGO, ELISABETTA +
Metal-mediated self-assembly of molecular squares of porphyrins rimmed with coordination compounds 1-gen-2001 IENGO, ELISABETTAMILANI, BarbaraALESSIO, ENZO +
Complexed bridging ligands: oxorhenium(V) compounds with mono-coordinated pyrazine or pyrimidine as possible building-blocks for the construction of polynuclear architectures. 1-gen-2001 IENGO, ELISABETTAZANGRANDO, ENNIOFRONZONI, GIOVANNASTENER, MAUROALESSIO, ENZO +
Supramolecular Adducts Via Assembly of Molecular Squares of Porphyrins 1-gen-2001 IENGO, ELISABETTAZANGRANDO, ENNIOALESSIO, ENZO
Developments in Ruthenium-Dimethylsulfoxide Chemistry Pertaining to Antitumor Agents 1-gen-2001 IENGO, ELISABETTASERLI, BarbaraGAVA, DanieleZANGRANDO, ENNIOALESSIO, ENZO +
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