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Protection against inflammation- and antiphospholipid antibody-caused fetal loss by the chemokine decoy receptor D6 1-gen-2007 AGOSTINIS, CHIARABULLA, ROBERTATEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
The seventh complement component is expressed on endothelial cells membrane and exerts an anti-inflammatory action 1-gen-2007 BOSSI, FLEURBULLA, ROBERTAAGOSTINIS, CHIARAMACOR, PAOLODE SETA, FRANCESCOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Recruitment of circulating NK cells through decidual tissues: a possible mechanism controlling NK cell accumulation in the uterus during early pregnancy. 1-gen-2008 BULLA, ROBERTAAGOSTINIS, CHIARABOSSI, FLEURTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
The C7 component of the complement system localizes to vascular smooth muscle cells and endothelium in human first trimester decidua 1-gen-2008 BOSSI, FLEURAGOSTINIS, CHIARABULLA, ROBERTATEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Decidual endothelial cells express surface-bound C1q as a molecular bridge between endovascular trophoblast and decidual endothelium. 1-gen-2008 BULLA, ROBERTAAGOSTINIS, CHIARABOSSI, FLEURRIZZI, LUCIADEBEUS, ALESSANDRADE SETA, FRANCESCOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Complement production by trophoblast cells at the feto-maternal interface. 1-gen-2009 BULLA, ROBERTABOSSI, FLEURAGOSTINIS, CHIARADE SETA, FRANCESCOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
The role of the recognition molecules of the complement system: from local host defence to promotion of embryo implantation 1-gen-2009 BULLA, ROBERTAAGOSTINIS, CHIARADE SETA, FRANCESCOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO
Phenotype characterization of the anti-inflammatory behavior of decidual endothelial cells 1-gen-2009 BULLA, ROBERTAAGOSTINIS, CHIARABOSSI, FLEURDE SETA, FRANCESCOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Mannose-binding lectin is produced by vaginal epithelial cells and its level in the vaginal fluid is influenced by progesterone. 1-gen-2010 BULLA, ROBERTADE SETA, FRANCESCOAGOSTINIS, CHIARACROVELLA, SERGIOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Emerging Roles of the Complement System at Foeto-maternal Interface 1-gen-2011 BOSSI, FLEURAGOSTINIS, CHIARADE SETA, FRANCESCOBULLA, ROBERTA
Preeclampsia is associated with defective production of C1q by invasive trophoblast 1-gen-2011 AGOSTINIS, CHIARABULLA, ROBERTADE SETA, FRANCESCOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
C1q is associated with a reduced inflammatory response of decidual endothelial cells 1-gen-2011 MASAT, ELISABULLA, ROBERTABOSSI, FLEURAGOSTINIS, CHIARADE SETA, FRANCESCOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
In vivo distribution of {beta}2 glycoprotein I under various pathophysiological conditions 1-gen-2011 Agostinis C.BULLA, ROBERTA +
Soluble TRAIL is elevated in recurrent miscarriage and inhibits the in vitro adhesion and migration of HTR8 trophoblastic cells 1-gen-2012 C. AgostinisBULLA, ROBERTADE SETA, FRANCESCO +
C1q secreted in the tumour microenvironment promotes tumour growth in the absence of complement activation 1-gen-2012 BULLA, ROBERTAAGOSTINIS, CHIARAZORZET, SONIATEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
C1q is responsible of the anti-inflammatory behavior of decidual endothelial cells 1-gen-2012 MASAT, ELISABOSSI, FLEURAGOSTINIS, CHIARADE SETA, FRANCESCOBULLA, ROBERTA +
MBL interferes with endovascular trophoblast invasion in pre-eclampsia. 1-gen-2012 Agostinis CBOSSI, FLEURDE SETA, FRANCESCOTEDESCO, FRANCESCOBULLA, ROBERTA +
Chemerin Regulates NK Cell Accumulation and Endothelial Cell Morphogenesis in the Decidua during Early Pregnancy 1-gen-2012 BULLA, ROBERTAC. AgostinisTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
A Human Monoclonal Antibody Against Domain I Of beta 2-Glycoprotein I prevents Clotting and Fetal Loss Induced By Polyclonal Anti-Phospholipid Antibodies In Animal Models. 1-gen-2013 Agostinis, CDURIGUTTO, PAOLOSBLATTERO, DANIELEBULLA, ROBERTAMACOR, PAOLO +
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