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Orientational Anisotropy in Oxygen Dissociation on Rh(110) 1-gen-1999 LACOVIG, PAOLOCOMELLI, GIOVANNIBARALDI, Alessandro +
Structural investigation of the Rh(110)-c(2x2)-CN 1-gen-2001 BARALDI, AlessandroCOMELLI, GIOVANNILACOVIG, PAOLOROSEI, RENZO +
48-Channel electron detector for photoemission spectroscopy and microscopy 1-gen-2004 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPELACOVIG, PAOLO +
Bulk sensitive photoemission: first results of VOLPE project at ESRF 1-gen-2005 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPELACOVIG, PAOLO +
High resolution HAXPES and status of the VOLPE project 1-gen-2005 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPELACOVIG, PAOLO +
Experimental setup for high energy photoemission using synchrotron radiation 1-gen-2005 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPELACOVIG, PAOLO +
High-energy photoemission in silver: resolving d and sp contributions in valence band spectra 1-gen-2005 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPELACOVIG, PAOLO +
Coherent Peaks and Minimal Probing Depth in Photoemission Spectroscopy of Mott-Hubbard Systems 1-gen-2006 LACOVIG, PAOLO +
A comparison of bulk-sensitive spectroscopic probes of Yb valence in Kondo systems 1-gen-2007 LACOVIG, PAOLO +
An analysis of EUV-resist outgassing measurements 1-gen-2007 LACOVIG, PAOLO +
Bulk electronic properties of bilayered manganites 1-gen-2007 LACOVIG, PAOLO +
Nature of electronic states at the Fermi level of metallic b-PbO2 revealed by hard x-ray photoemission spectroscopy 1-gen-2007 LACOVIG, PAOLO +
Analysis of surface-bulk screening competition in the electron-doped Nd{2-x}Ce{x}CuO{4} cuprate using x-ray photoemission spectroscopy 1-gen-2008 LACOVIG, PAOLO +
Determining the chemical reactivity trends of Pd/Ru(0001) pseudomorphic overlayers: core level shift measurements and DFT calculations 1-gen-2010 GOLFETTO, ENRICOBARALDI, AlessandroSala A.LACOVIG, PAOLOVESSELLI, ERIKCOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
Band dispersion in the deep 1s core levels of graphene 1-gen-2010 LACOVIG, PAOLOBARALDI, Alessandro +
Thermal Expansion of Supported and Freestanding Graphene:Lattice Constant versus Interatomic Distance 1-gen-2011 LACOVIG, PAOLOBARALDI, Alessandro +
80% Valley Polarization of Free Carriers in Singly Oriented Single-Layer WS2 on Au(111) 1-gen-2019 Bignardi, L.Lacovig, P.Hofmann, P. +
Role of the Metal Surface on the Room Temperature Activation of the Alcohol and Amino Groups of p-Aminophenol 1-gen-2020 Cossaro A.Lacovig P.Verdini A. +
Growth Mechanism and Thermal Stability of a MoS2–Graphene Interface: A High-Resolution Core-Level Photoelectron Spectroscopy Study 1-gen-2020 Loi, FedericoSbuelz, LucaLacovig, PaoloBignardi, LucaBaraldi, Alessandro +
Atomic Undercoordination in Ag Islands on Ru(0001) Grown via Size-Selected Cluster Deposition: An Experimental and Theoretical High-Resolution Core-Level Photoemission Study 1-gen-2021 Sbuelz, LucaLoi, FedericoBignardi, LucaLacovig, PaoloBaraldi, Alessandro +
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