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Vinylamines X. Selectivity and stereochemistry of the reactions of 2-methylcyclohexanone enamines with ethylazodicarboxylate and phenylisocyanate 1-gen-1970 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Vinylamines XI. Structure and reactivity of 2-carbalkoxy-, 2-acyl- and 2- phenyl-cyclohexanone enamines with ethylazodicarboxylate and phenylisocyanate 1-gen-1971 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Vinylamines XII. Equilibrium in enamines from 3-substituted cyclohexanone: high selectivity of β-nitrostyrene towards the Δ6 isomers 1-gen-1972 VALENTIN, ENNIOPITACCO, GIULIANA +
Vinylamines XIV. Nitroalkylation of enamine equilibrium mixtures 1-gen-1973 VALENTIN, ENNIOPITACCO, GIULIANA +
Vinylamines XV. Unusual stereochemical course in nitroalkylation of biased enaminic systems 1-gen-1974 VALENTIN, ENNIOPITACCO, GIULIANA +
Tautomerism in enamines from 2-tetralone. Difference in nucleophilic behaviour between morpholino and pyrrolidino enamines 1-gen-1974 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Ionization energies of some amines and enamines and an estimation of their relative basicities in gaseous phase 1-gen-1975 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Mechanism and stereochemistry of kinetically controlled reactions of 2-substituted-cyclohexanone enamines with diethylazodicarboxylate 1-gen-1975 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
The crystal and molecular structure of the adduct from the stereoisomeric equilibrium mixture of racemic 2-(α-phenyl, β-nitro)ethyl-4-t-butylcyclohexanone 1-gen-1975 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Rapid efficient route to 3-hydroxy-o-phenylenediamine derivatives and derived benzoxazolines 1-gen-1975 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
1,2-Cycloaddition of a α,β-unsaturated esters to a biased enamine. Crystal and molecu1ar structure of a cis-bicyclo[4.2.0]octane derivative 1-gen-1975 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Electrophilic attack on biased isomeric nitroalkylated enamines. Stereospecific hydrolyses of the resulting adducts 1-gen-1976 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Stereochemical aspects of a substituted bicyclo[4.2.0]octane 1-gen-1977 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Octaline and decalone derivatives from a new annulation reaction in enamine field 1-gen-1977 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Nucleophilic behaviour of l-substituted morpholino ethenes 1-gen-1978 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Unusual ring-chain tautomerism in some cyclic nitronic esters 1-gen-1978 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO
l-Substituted morpholino ethenes. III. Carbocyclic and aliphatic heterocyclic compounds from 5-membered ring derivatives 1-gen-1979 BENEDETTI, FABIOPITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO
1-Substituted morpholino ethenes—III. Carbocyclic and Aliphatic Heterocyclic Compounds from 5-Membered Ring Derivatives 1-gen-1979 BENEDETTI, FABIOPITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO
Enamines and ynamines in The chemistry of functional groups.SupplementF: The chemistry of amino,nitroso and nitro compounds and their derivatives 1-gen-1982 VALENTIN, ENNIO +
Bicyclic 1,2-Oxazine-N-oxides. Different behaviour in ring fission between systems derived from 5- and 6-membered ring cyclic enamines 1-gen-1982 PITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
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