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On the use of conformal mapping in the analysis of electric machines 1-gen-2016 OLIVO, MATTEOTESSAROLO, ALBERTOBORTOLOZZI, MAURO
A new method for the analytical determination of the complex relative permeance function in linear electric machines with slotted air gap 1-gen-2016 TESSAROLO, ALBERTOOLIVO, MATTEO
Analytical flux density determination in the SPM slotless machine stator core 1-gen-2018 Mauro BortolozziNicola BarbiniMatteo OlivoAlberto Tessarolo
A New Method for the Analytical Determination of the Complex Relative Permeance Function in Slotted Electrical Machines 1-gen-2018 Mauro BortolozziNicola BarbiniMatteo OlivoAlberto Tessarolo
Curvature Effects on Permanent Magnet Harmonic Losses of Surface-Mounted Permanent Magnet Machines 1-gen-2018 Tessarolo, A.Olivo, MatteoBarbini, Nicola
Start-Up Performance Prediction of Line-Fed Solid-Rotor Salient-Pole Synchronous Motors 1-gen-2018 Olivo, MatteoBarbini, NicolaTessarolo, AlbertoCICUTTO, SIMONE +
Numerical and Analytical Approaches to the Modeling of a Spoke Type IPM Machine with Enhanced Flux Weakening Capability 1-gen-2019 Elloumi N.Bortolozzi M.Mezzarobba M.Olivo M.Tessarolo A. +
A New Method for the Accurate Prediction of On-Load Power Factor in Two-Pole Induction Motors Considering Shaft Eddy Currents 1-gen-2020 Olivo, MatteoBortolozzi, MauroTessarolo, Alberto +
Efficient Methods for the Study of Eddy-Currents Effects in Medium-Voltage Rotating Electrical Machines 18-feb-2020 OLIVO, MATTEO
Benefits of Selecting PMASR Machines as Traction Motors in Battery Electric Forklift Trucks 1-gen-2023 Olivo, MatteoTessarolo, AlbertoPozzo, Riccardo +
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