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Detection of mRNA for the terminal complement components C5, C6, C8 and C9 in human umbilical vein endothelial cells in vitro. 1-gen-2001 MACOR, PAOLOFISCHETTI, Fabio +
The cleavage site of C5 from man and animals as a common target for neutralizing human monoclonal antibodies: in vitro and in vivo studies 1-gen-2002 MARZARI, ROBERTOSBLATTERO, DANIELEMACOR, PAOLOFISCHETTI, FabioGENNARO, RENATOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Thrombus formation induced by antibodies to beta2-glycoprotein I is complement dependent and requires a priming factor. 1-gen-2005 FISCHETTI, FabioDURIGUTTO, PAOLOPELLIS, VALENTINADEBEUS, ALESSANDRAMACOR, PAOLOBULLA, ROBERTABOSSI, FLEURZILLER, FEDERICASBLATTERO, DANIELETEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Controlling complement resistance in cancer by using human monoclonal antibodies that neutralize complement-regulatory proteins CD55 and CD59 1-gen-2005 ZILLER, FEDERICAMACOR, PAOLOBULLA, ROBERTASBLATTERO, DANIELEMARZARI, ROBERTOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO
Complement activated by chimeric anti-folate receptor antibodies is an efficient effector system to control ovarian carcinoma. 1-gen-2006 MACOR, PAOLOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
The seventh complement component is expressed on endothelial cells membrane and exerts an anti-inflammatory action 1-gen-2007 BOSSI, FLEURBULLA, ROBERTAAGOSTINIS, CHIARAMACOR, PAOLODE SETA, FRANCESCOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Selective therapeutic control of C5a and the terminal complement complex by anti-C5 single-chain Fv in an experimental model of antigen-induced arthritis in rats. 1-gen-2007 FISCHETTI, FabioDURIGUTTO, PAOLOMACOR, PAOLOMARZARI, ROBERTOCARRETTA, RENZOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO
Complement as effector system in cancer immunotherapy. 1-gen-2007 MACOR, PAOLOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO
In vivo targeting of human neutralizing antibodies against CD55 and CD59 to lymphoma cells increases the antitumor activity of rituximab. 1-gen-2007 MACOR, PAOLOZORZET, SONIABOSSI, FLEURMARZARI, ROBERTOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Posttransplant ischemia-reperfusion injury in transplanted heart is prevented by a minibody to the fifth component of complement. 1-gen-2008 MACOR, PAOLOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Complement C1q and C8beta deficiency in an individual with recurrent bacterial meningitis and adult-onset systemic lupus erythematosus-like illness. 1-gen-2008 MACOR, PAOLODURIGUTTO, PAOLOBOSSI, FLEURTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
An update on the xenograft and mouse models suitable for investigating new therapeutic compounds for the treatment of B-cell malignancies. 1-gen-2008 MACOR, PAOLOZORZET, SONIACELEGHINI, CLAUDIOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
In vivo biodistribution and lifetime analysis of cy5.5-conjugated rituximab in mice bearing lymphoid tumor xenograft using time-domain near-infrared optical imaging. 1-gen-2008 MACOR, PAOLOZORZET, SONIATEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
C7 is expressed on endothelial cells as a trap for the assembling terminal complement complex and may exert anti-inflammatory function. 1-gen-2009 BOSSI, FLEURBULLA, ROBERTAMACOR, PAOLOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Complement in human diseases: Lessons from complement deficiencies. 1-gen-2009 MACOR, PAOLOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Selection and characterization of a novel agonistic human recombinant anti-TRAIL-R2 minibody with anti-leukemic activity. 1-gen-2009 SBLATTERO, DANIELEMACOR, PAOLOZORZET, SONIATEDESCO, FRANCESCOMARZARI, ROBERTO +
P-selectin glycoprotein ligand-1 as a potential target for humoral immunotherapy of multiple myeloma. 1-gen-2009 MACOR, PAOLOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
Exploratory study on the effects of biodegradable nanoparticles with drugs on malignant B cells and on a human/mouse model of Burkitt lymphoma. 1-gen-2010 ZORZET, SONIATEDESCO, FRANCESCOMACOR, PAOLO +
Humoral immunotherapy of multiple myeloma: perspectives and perplexities. 1-gen-2010 MACOR, PAOLOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
The development of atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome depends on complement C5. 1-gen-2011 MACOR, PAOLOTEDESCO, FRANCESCO +
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