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The Ni3Al(111) surface structure: experiment and theory 1-gen-2008 VESSELLI, ERIKBIANCHETTIN, LAURABARALDI, AlessandroA. SALACOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Determining the chemical reactivity trends of Pd/Ru(0001) pseudomorphic overlayers: core level shift measurements and DFT calculations 1-gen-2010 GOLFETTO, ENRICOBARALDI, AlessandroSala A.LACOVIG, PAOLOVESSELLI, ERIKCOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
Nanobubbles at GPa Pressure under Graphene 1-gen-2015 ZAMBORLINI, GIOVANNIPATERA, LAERTE LUIGISala, AlessandroCOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Switchable graphene-substrate coupling through formation/dissolution of an intercalated Ni-carbide layer 1-gen-2016 PATERA, LAERTE LUIGIZAMBORLINI, GIOVANNISala, AlessandroCOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Diagnostics of the neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders (NMOSD) 1-gen-2017 Sala A.Giometto B. +
Graphene on nickel (100) micrograins: Modulating the interface interaction by extended moiré superstructures 1-gen-2018 Carnevali, VirginiaJugovac, MatteoPatera, Laerte L.Sala, AlessandroPanighel, MircoCepek, CinziaSoldano, GermanMariscal, Marcelo M.Peressi, MariaComelli, GiovanniAfrich, Cristina +
On-surface synthesis of a 2D boroxine framework: A route to a novel 2D material? 1-gen-2018 Stredansky, MatusSala, AlessandroFontanot, TommasoCostantini, RobertoAfrich, CristinaComelli, GiovanniMorgante, AlbertoCossaro, Albano +
Imaging at the mesoscale (leem, peem) 1-gen-2020 Sala A.
Molecular anchoring stabilizes low valence Ni(i)TPP on copper against thermally induced chemical changes 1-gen-2020 Cojocariu I.Cossaro A.Sala A.Comelli G.Stredansky M.Corva M.Vesselli E. +
“Inside out” growth method for high-quality nitrogen-doped graphene 1-gen-2021 Fiori S.Sala A.Comelli G.Di Valentin C. +
Quantum Confinement in Aligned Zigzag “Pseudo-Ribbons” Embedded in Graphene on Ni(100) 1-gen-2022 Sala A.Carnevali V.Panighel M.Peressi M.Comelli G.Africh C. +
Probing the graphene/substrate interaction by electron tunneling decay 1-gen-2023 V. CarnevaliA. SalaP. BiasinM. PanighelG. ComelliM. PeressiC. Africh
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