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Multi-stage cluster sampling for estimating average species richness at different spatial grains 1-gen-2007 BACARO, Giovanni +
A spatially explicit measure of beta diversity 1-gen-2007 BACARO, Giovanni +
Modelling factors affecting litter mass components of pine stands 1-gen-2007 BACARO, Giovanni +
Measuring beta-diversity from taxonomic similarity 1-gen-2007 BACARO, Giovanni +
Quantifying species richness at multiple spatial scales in a Natura 2000 network 1-gen-2008 BACARO, Giovanni +
Discovering and rediscovering the sample-based rarefaction formula in the ecological literature 1-gen-2008 BACARO, Giovanni +
Quantifying plant species diversity in a Natura 2000 network: Old ideas and new proposals 1-gen-2008 BACARO, Giovanni +
The role of regional and local scale predictors for plant species richness in Mediterranean forests 1-gen-2008 BACARO, Giovanni +
Distance decay of β-similarity: spatial or ecological barriers? 1-gen-2008 BACARO, Giovanni +
Spatially constrained rarefaction: Incorporating the autocorrelated structure of biological communities into sample-based rarefaction 1-gen-2009 BACARO, Giovanni +
Multi-scale sampling and statistical linear estimators to assess land use status and change 1-gen-2009 BACARO, Giovanni +
Congruence among vascular plants and butterflies in the evaluation of grassland restoration success 1-gen-2009 BACARO, Giovanni +
Using taxonomic data to assess and monitor biodiversity: Are the tribes still fighting? 1-gen-2009 BACARO, Giovanni +
Additive partitioning as a tool for investigating the flora diversity in oceanic archipelagos 1-gen-2010 BACARO, Giovanni +
On plot-to-plot dissimilarity measures based on species functional traits 1-gen-2010 BACARO, Giovanni +
Identifying the drivers of pond biodiversity: The agony of model selection 1-gen-2010 BACARO, Giovanni +
Dependence of animal diversity on plant diversity and environmental factors in farmland ponds 1-gen-2010 Renzi, M.BACARO, Giovanni +
Effect of reduction in sampling effort for monitoring epiphytic lichen diversity in forests 1-gen-2010 NASCIMBENE, JURIBACARO, GiovanniNIMIS, PIERLUIGI +
Geostatistical modelling of regional bird species richness: Exploring environmental proxies for conservation purpose 1-gen-2011 BACARO, Giovanni +
Evaluating and interpreting cross-taxon congruence: Potential pitfalls and solutions 1-gen-2011 BACARO, Giovanni +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 143
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