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Cages meet gels: Smart materials with dual porosity 1-gen-2021 Adorinni S.Marchesan S. +
Smart Hydrogels Meet Carbon Nanomaterials for New Frontiers in Medicine 1-gen-2021 Adorinni, SimoneRozhin, PetrMarchesan, Silvia
Green Approaches to Carbon Nanostructure-Based Biomaterials 1-gen-2021 Adorinni, SimoneCringoli, Maria C.Fornasiero, PaoloMarchesan, Silvia +
Self-Assembly of Homo- and Hetero-Chiral Cyclodipeptides into Supramolecular Polymers towards Antimicrobial Gels 1-gen-2022 Scarel, EricaColomina-Alfaro, LauraAdorinni, SimoneBellotto, OttaviaBandiera, AntonellaMarchesan, Silvia +
Self-Assembly and Gelation Study of Dipeptide Isomers with Norvaline and Phenylalanine 1-gen-2022 Scarel, EricaRozhin, PetrAdorinni, SimoneMarchesan, Silvia +
Cyclodipeptides: From Their Green Synthesis to Anti-Age Activity 1-gen-2022 Bellotto, OttaviaAdorinni, SimoneBandiera, AntonellaAdami, GianpieroCrosera, MatteoMagnano, Greta CamillaMarchesan, Silvia +
Driving up the Electrocatalytic Performance for Carbon Dioxide Conversion through Interface Tuning in Graphene Oxide-Bismuth Oxide Nanocomposites 1-gen-2022 Melchionna M.Adorinni S.Colussi S.Marchesan S.Prato M.Fornasiero P. +
Supramolecular Hydrogels from a Tripeptide and Carbon Nano-Onions for Biological Applications 1-gen-2023 Kralj, SlavkoD'Andrea, PaolaAdorinni, SimoneMarchesan, Silvia +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 8 di 8
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