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Spectroscopic characterization of charge carrier anisotropic motion in twisted few-layer graphene 1-gen-2015 KANDYBA, VIKTOR +
Band structure characterization of WS2 grown by chemical vapor deposition 1-gen-2016 KANDYBA, VIKTOR +
Evolution of the Valley Position in Bulk Transition-Metal Chalcogenides and Their Monolayer Limit 1-gen-2016 KANDYBA, VIKTOR +
Determination of band offsets, hybridization, and exciton binding in 2D semiconductor heterostructures 1-gen-2017 KANDYBA, VIKTOR +
Electronic structure of self-doped layered Eu3F4Bi2S4 material revealed by x-ray absorption spectroscopy and photoelectron spectromicroscopy 1-gen-2017 KANDYBA, VIKTOR +
Electronic band structure for occupied and unoccupied states of the natural topological superlattice phase Sb2Te 1-gen-2017 KANDYBA, VIKTORMARSI, MARINO +
Single crystalline electronic structure and growth mechanism of aligned square graphene sheets 1-gen-2018 Kandyba, V +
Electronic structure of single and few layered graphene studied by angle resolved photoemission spectro-microscopy. 17-set-2018 KANDYBA, VIKTOR
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 8 di 8
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