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(10x2) strained reconstruction induced by oxygen adsorption on the Rh(110) surface. 1-gen-2001 VESSELLI, ERIKAFRICH, CRISTINABARALDI, AlessandroCOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
Deep X-ray lithography at ELETTRA using a central beam-stop to improve structure adhesion on the substrate 1-gen-2002 VESSELLI, ERIK +
NO adsorption on Rh(100). I: structural characterisation of the adlayers 1-gen-2003 COMELLI, GIOVANNIBARALDI, AlessandroVESSELLI, ERIK +
Molecular orientation of CN adsorbed on Pd(110) 1-gen-2003 VESSELLI, ERIKBARALDI, AlessandroCOMELLI, GIOVANNICOSSARO A.MORGANTE, ALBERTO +
NO adsorption on Rh(100). II. Stability of the Adlayers 1-gen-2003 COMELLI, GIOVANNIBARALDI, AlessandroVESSELLI, ERIKROSEI, RENZO +
Coverage-dependent hydrogen adsorption site determinationon Rh(100) by means of high-resolution core-level Spectroscopy 1-gen-2004 VESSELLI, ERIKBARALDI, AlessandroCOMELLI, GIOVANNIPERESSI, MARIAROSEI, RENZO +
Ethanol Decomposition: C-C Cleavage Selectivity on Rh(111) 1-gen-2004 VESSELLI, ERIKBARALDI, AlessandroCOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
Atomic hydrogen interaction with Ru(10-10) 1-gen-2004 VESSELLI, ERIKCOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
Ethanol Auto-Thermal Reforming on Rhodium Catalysts and Initial Steps Simulation on Single Crystals under UHV Conditions 1-gen-2005 VESSELLI, ERIKCOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
Modelling of ethanol decomposition on Pt(111): A comparison with experiment and density functional theory 1-gen-2005 VESSELLI, ERIKCOSLOVICH, GIACOMOCOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO
Structural and kinetic effects on a simple catalytic reaction: oxygen reduction on Ni(110) 1-gen-2005 VESSELLI, ERIKBARALDI, AlessandroCOMELLI, GIOVANNIGRAZIANI, MAUROROSEI, RENZO +
Geometric structure of the N/Rh(100) system by core-level photoelctron spectroscopy: Experiment and theory 1-gen-2006 BIANCHETTIN, LAURABARALDI, AlessandroVESSELLI, ERIKCOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
Experimental and Theoretical Surface Core Level Shift Study of the S-Rh(100) Local Environment 1-gen-2007 BIANCHETTIN, LAURABARALDI, AlessandroVESSELLI, ERIKCOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
The (1x1)-> hexagonal phase transition on Pt(100) studied by high resolution core level photoemission 1-gen-2007 BARALDI, AlessandroVESSELLI, ERIKCOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Highly under-Coordinated Atoms at Rh Surfaces: Interplay of Strain and Coordination Effects on Core Level Shift 1-gen-2007 BARALDI, AlessandroBIANCHETTIN, LAURAVESSELLI, ERIKCOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Interaction of carbon dioxide with Ni(110): a combined experimental and theoretical study 1-gen-2007 VESSELLI, ERIKBARALDI, AlessandroCOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZOFORNASIERO, PaoloBALDERESCHI, ALFONSOPERESSI, MARIA +
Core level shifts of under-coordinated Pt atoms 1-gen-2008 BARALDI, AlessandroVESSELLI, ERIKCOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Modelling NOx storage meterials: a high-resolution photoelectron spectroscopy study on the interaction of NO2 with Al2O3/NiAl(110) and BaO/Al2O3/NiAl(110) 1-gen-2008 VESSELLI, ERIKBARALDI, Alessandro +
Highly under-coordinated atoms at Rh surfaces: interplay of strain and coordination effects on core level shift 1-gen-2008 BARALDI, AlessandroVESSELLI, ERIKCOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 81
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