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Study of Alkali Metal Adsorption on Reconstructed and Unreconstructed Copper Surfaces by HREELS 1-gen-1990 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPEMODESTI, SILVIO +
Study of alkali metal adsorption on reconstructed and unreconstructed Cu surfaces by HREELS 1-gen-1991 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPEMODESTI, SILVIO +
A HREEL investigation of adsorption and dissociation of NO on a Rh (110) surface 1-gen-1991 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPE +
(1 × n) reconstruction of the Rh (110) surface with n = 2, 3, 4, 5 1-gen-1992 COMELLI, GIOVANNICAUTERO, GIUSEPPEROSEI, RENZO +
A LabVIEW-based control system for a surface science experimental station 1-gen-1994 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPECOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
Adsorption Site Determination by Means of Surface Core Level Shift High Energy Photoelectron Diffraction: Pd{110}(2×1)p2mg-CO 1-gen-1994 COMELLI, GIOVANNICAUTERO, GIUSEPPEROSEI, RENZO +
Super ESCA: First beamline operating at ELETTRA 1-gen-1995 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPECOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
The influence of d electrons on surface plasmon dispersion: Pd(110) 1-gen-1995 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPECOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
An ASIC for multichannel data acquisition systems [and application to ESCA] 1-gen-1999 CARRATO, SERGIOMARSI, STEFANOCAUTERO, GIUSEPPE +
An embedded control and acquisition system for multichannel detectors 1-gen-1999 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPEACCARDO, AGOSTINOCARRATO, SERGIO +
Spectromicroscopy of interfaces with synchrotron radiation:: multichannel data acquisition 1-gen-2001 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPE +
An ASIC for multichannel data acquisition systems 1-gen-2001 CARRATO, SERGIOMARSI, STEFANOCAUTERO, GIUSEPPE +
Photoemission Microscopy Investigation of Buried p-n GaAs Homojunctions and Al/n-GaAs Schottky Barriers 1-gen-2002 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPEFRANCIOSI, ALFONSO +
Photoemission spectromicroscopy study of a Bi_ {2} Sr_ {2} CaCu_ {2} O_ {8+ δ} single crystal 1-gen-2002 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPE +
Cross sectional studies of buried semiconductor interfaces by means of photoemission microscopy 1-gen-2002 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPEFRANCIOSI, ALFONSO +
A novel apparatus for laser-excited time-resolved photoemission spectroscopy 1-gen-2002 PARMIGIANI, FULVIOCAUTERO, GIUSEPPECOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Cross-sectional Photoemission Spectromicroscopy of Semiconductor Heterostructures 1-gen-2002 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPEFRANCIOSI, ALFONSO +
48-Channel electron detector for photoemission spectroscopy and microscopy 1-gen-2004 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPELACOVIG, PAOLO +
Direct observation of large electronic domains with memory effect in doped manganites 1-gen-2004 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPE +
Highly sensitive detection technique of buried defects in extreme ultraviolet masks using at-wavelength scanning dark-field microscopy 1-gen-2005 CAUTERO, GIUSEPPE +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 88
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