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A Programmable Collimator for Radiotherapy 1-gen-1996 GALLINA, PAOLO +
A Telemanipulated Robot for Servicing inside a RFX Machine 1-gen-1997 GALLINA, PAOLO +
Nella cella di Fusione 1-gen-1997 GALLINA, PAOLO +
A Flexible Robotized Cell for Automation of a Press for Cast Products 1-gen-1997 GALLINA, PAOLO +
A Mechatronic System for Diagnostics of Plastic Pruducts Using Vision 1-gen-1997 GALLINA, PAOLO +
Fuzzy Control of a Pneumatic Actuator 1-gen-1997 GALLINA, PAOLO +
An autonomous mobile tracked vehicle for RFX first wall inspection 1-gen-1998 GALLINA, PAOLO +
A Friction-Based Single-Body Dynamic Model of a Mobile Robot 1-gen-1999 GALLINA, PAOLO +
A new, transportable and low cost method for robot calibration 1-gen-1999 GALLINA, PAOLO +
Conceptual design of an Harmonic Drive with a pneumatic actuated floating Wave Generator 1-gen-1999 GALLINA, PAOLO +
A teleoperated tracked vehicle for inspection inside a RFX machine 1-gen-1999 GALLINA, PAOLO +
Automatic alignment of workpieces for robotic manipulation using a conveyor belt and fixed flat fences 1-gen-1999 GALLINA, PAOLO +
Finite element analysis of the submarine pipeline during laying 1-gen-2000 GALLINA, PAOLO +
A technique to analytically formulate and to solve the 2-dimensional constrained trajectory planning problem for a mobile robot 1-gen-2000 GALLINA, PAOLO +
Development of State-Space water-level control for an array of cells to be employed as compensator in radiotherapy 1-gen-2000 GALLINA, PAOLO +
Neural network painting defect classification using Karhunen-Loeve transformation 1-gen-2000 GALLINA, PAOLO
3 d.o.f. wire driven planar haptic interface 1-gen-2001 GALLINA, PAOLO +
Some applications of Robotic Mechanisms and Haptic Interfaces in rehabilitation 1-gen-2001 GALLINA, PAOLO +
Design and Modeling of a Redundant Omni-directional RoboCup Goalie 1-gen-2001 GALLINA, PAOLO +
Mechanical Design and Modeling of an Omni-directional RoboCup Player 1-gen-2001 GALLINA, PAOLO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 147
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