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Properties of the galaxy population in hydrodynamical simulations of clusters 1-gen-2006 SARO, AlexandroBORGANI, STEFANOTORNATORE, LUCA +
Evolution of the metal content of the intracluster medium with hydrodynamical simulations 1-gen-2008 FABJAN, DUNJATORNATORE, LUCABORGANI, STEFANOSARO, Alexandro +
The effect of gas dynamics on semi-analytic modelling of cluster galaxies 1-gen-2008 SARO, AlexandroBORGANI, STEFANO +
Simulating the formation of a protocluster at z ~ 2 1-gen-2009 SARO, AlexandroBORGANI, STEFANOTORNATORE, LUCA +
Lyman alpha emitter evolution in the reionization epoch 1-gen-2009 SARO, ABORGANI, STEFANO +
Photometric and clustering properties of hydrodynamical galaxies in a cosmological volume: Results at z= 0 1-gen-2010 Saro, Alexandro +
Simulating the effect of active galactic nuclei feedback on the metal enrichment of galaxy clusters 1-gen-2010 BORGANI, STEFANOTORNATORE, LUCASARO, Alexandro +
Gas cooling in semi-analytic models and SPH simulations: are results consistent? 1-gen-2010 SARO, AlexandroBORGANI, STEFANO +
The cool side of Lyman alpha emitters 1-gen-2010 Saro, Alexandro +
South pole telescope detections of the previously unconfirmed Planck Early Sunyaev-Zel'dovich clusters in the southern hemisphere 1-gen-2011 Saro, A. +
Neowise observations of near-earth objects: Preliminary results 1-gen-2011 Saro, A. +
A Sunyaev-Zel'dovich-selected sample of the most massive galaxy clusters in the 2500 deg 2 South Pole telescope survey 1-gen-2011 Saro, A. +
Discovery and cosmological implications of SPT-CL J2106-5844, the most massive known cluster at z>1 1-gen-2011 Saro, A. +
Redshifts, sample purity, and BCG positions for the galaxy cluster catalog from the first 720 square degrees of the south pole telescope survey 1-gen-2012 Saro, A. +
A massive, cooling-flow-induced starburst in the core of a luminous cluster of galaxies 1-gen-2012 Saro, A. +
High-redshift cool-core galaxy clusters detected via the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect in the south pole telescope survey 1-gen-2012 Saro, A. +
Weak-lensing mass measurements of five galaxy clusters in the south pole telescope survey using Magellan/Megacam 1-gen-2012 Saro, A. +
Toward unbiased galaxy cluster masses from line-of-sight velocity dispersions 1-gen-2013 Saro, Alex +
The growth of cool cores and evolution of cooling properties in a sample of 83 galaxy clusters at 0.3 < z < 1.2 selected from the SPT-SZ survey 1-gen-2013 Saro, A. +
Cosmological constraints from sunyaev-zel'dovich-selected clusters with X-ray observations in the first 178 deg 2 of the south pole telescope survey 1-gen-2013 Saro, A. +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 114
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