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Mechanical Stabilization Effect of Water on a Membrane-like System 1-gen-2007 SCAINI, DENIS +
Electron Transfer Mediating Properties of Hydrocarbons as a Function of Chain Length: A Differential Scanning Conductive Tip Atomic Force Microscopy Investigation 1-gen-2008 SCAINI, DENIS +
MgO-Supported Rhodium Particles and Films: Size, Morphology, and Reactivity 1-gen-2008 SCAINI, DENIS +
Quantitative Study of the Effect of Coverage on the Hybridization Efficiency of Surface-Bound DNA Nanostructures 1-gen-2008 SCAINI, DENIS +
Characterization of indium tin oxide surfaces after KOH and HCl treatments 1-gen-2008 SCAINI, DENIS +
Carbon nanotubes might improve neuronal performance by favouring electrical shortcuts 1-gen-2009 CIPOLLONE, SARASCAINI, DENISPRATO, MAURIZIOBALLERINI, Laura +
Primate cathelicidin orthologues display different structures and membrane interactions 1-gen-2009 VACCARI, LISAANTCHEVA, NikolinkaSCAINI, DENISPACOR, SABRINATOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Oriented Immobilization of Prion Protein Demonstrated via Precise Interfacial Nanostructure Measurements 1-gen-2010 SCAINI, DENIS +
The atomic force microscopy as a lithographic tool: nanografting of DNA nanostructures for biosensing applications. 1-gen-2011 SCAINI, DENIS +
Spinal cord explants use carbon nanotube interfaces toenhance neurite outgrowth and to fortify synaptic inputs 1-gen-2012 FABBRO, ALESSANDRAVILLARI, AMBRALAISHRAM, JummiSCAINI, DENISTOMA, Francesca MariaTURCO, ANTONIOPRATO, MAURIZIOBALLERINI, Laura
Adhesion to carbon nanotube conductive scaffolds forces action-potential appearance in immature rat spinal neurons 1-gen-2013 FABBRO, ALESSANDRATOMA, Francesca MariaSCAINI, DENISTURCO, ANTONIOPRATO, MAURIZIOBALLERINI, Laura +
Carbon Nanotube Scaffolds Instruct Human Dendritic Cells: Modulating Immune Responses by Contacts at the Nanoscale 1-gen-2013 TURCO, ANTONIOTOMA, Francesca MariaSCAINI, DENISBALLERINI, LauraPRATO, MAURIZIO +
Atomic force microscopy based nanoassay: A new method to study α-Synuclein-dopamine bioaffinity interactions 1-gen-2014 SCAINI, DENIS +
Prion protein interaction with soil humic substances: Environmental implications 1-gen-2014 SCAINI, DENIS +
In vitro Myogenesis induced by Human Recombinant Elastin-Like Proteins 1-gen-2015 D'ANDREA, PAOLASCAINI, DENISULLOA SEVERINO, LUISABORELLI, VIOLETTAPASSAMONTI, SABINALORENZON, PaolaBANDIERA, Antonella
Synthetic prions and other human neurodegenerative proteinopathies 1-gen-2015 AULIC, SUZANASCAINI, DENISLEGNAME, GIUSEPPE +
Graphene-Based Interfaces Do Not Alter Target Nerve Cells 1-gen-2015 FABBRO, ALESSANDRASCAINI, DENISCELLOT, GIADABOSI, SusannaBALLERINI, LauraPRATO, MAURIZIO +
From 2D to 3D: novel nanostructured scaffolds to investigate signalling in reconstructed neuronal networks 1-gen-2015 BOSI, SusannaRAUTI, ROSSANALAISHRAM, JummiTURCO, ANTONIOPRATO, MAURIZIOSCAINI, DENISBALLERINI, Laura +
PEDOT:PSS Interfaces Support the Development of Neuronal Synaptic Networks with Reduced Neuroglia Response In vitro 1-gen-2016 CELLOT, GIADASCAINI, DENISPRATO, MAURIZIOBALLERINI, Laura +
Cellobiose dehydrogenase functionalized urinary catheter as novel antibiofilm system 1-gen-2016 SCAINI, DENIS +
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