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Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes drive the activity of metal@oxide core-shell catalysts in modular nanocomposites 1-gen-2012 CARGNELLO, MATTEOSYRGIANNIS, ZOISPRATO, MAURIZIOFORNASIERO, Paolo +
Raman bands of nano-graphene flakes on carbon nanotubes after oxidation 1-gen-2013 SYRGIANNIS, ZOIS +
An Atom-Economical Approach to Functionalized Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: Reaction with Disulfides 1-gen-2013 SYRGIANNIS, ZOISPRATO, MAURIZIO +
Carbon Nanohorns as Integrative Materials for Efficient Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells 1-gen-2013 SYRGIANNIS, ZOISPRATO, MAURIZIO +
Highly selective detection of epinephrine at oxidized single-wall carbon nanohorns modified screen printed electrodes (SPEs) 1-gen-2014 VALENTINI, FRANCESCACATALDO, FRANCESCAGIACALONE, FRANCESCOSYRGIANNIS, ZOISPRATO, MAURIZIO +
Document Multiwalled carbon nanotubes drive the activity of Metal@Oxide core-shell catalysts in modular nanocomposites 1-gen-2014 CARGNELLO, MATTEOGRZELCZAK, MarekSYRGIANNIS, ZOISPRATO, MAURIZIOFORNASIERO, Paolo +
Structural analysis of single wall carbon nanotubes exposed to oxidation and reduction conditions in the course of gamma irradiation 1-gen-2014 SYRGIANNIS, ZOIS +
Cyclopropanation reactions of carbon nanotubes 1-gen-2014 SYRGIANNIS, ZOISA. AHAD HADAD, CAROLINEPRATO, MAURIZIO
Supramolecular Design of Low-dimensional Carbon Nano-hybrids encoding a Polyoxometalate-bis-Pyrene Tweezer 1-gen-2014 SYRGIANNIS, ZOISBONASERA, AURELIOPRATO, MAURIZIO +
Covalent Carbon Nanotube Functionalization 1-gen-2015 SYRGIANNIS, ZOISMELCHIONNA, MICHELEPRATO, MAURIZIO
Modification of Nanocrystalline WO3 with a Dicationic Perylene Bisimide: Applications to Molecular Level Solar Water Splitting 1-gen-2015 SYRGIANNIS, ZOISBONASERA, AURELIOPRATO, MAURIZIO +
Efficient microwave-assisted synthesis of PCBM methanofullerenes (C60 and C70) 1-gen-2015 A. AHAD HADAD, CAROLINESYRGIANNIS, ZOISBONASERA, AURELIOPRATO, MAURIZIO
Solvent-trap reaction of triazolinediones with simple alkenes: An experimental/theoretical study of thermodynamic and kinetic parameters 1-gen-2015 BONASERA, AURELIOSYRGIANNIS, ZOIS +
The effect of annealing temperature and time on synthesis of graphene thin films by rapid thermal annealing 1-gen-2015 SYRGIANNIS, ZOISBONASERA, AURELIO +
In situ growth of capping-free magnetic iron oxide nanoparticles on liquid-phase exfoliated graphene 1-gen-2015 SYRGIANNIS, ZOISPRATO, MAURIZIO +
Fast and Efficient Microwave-Assisted Synthesis of Perylenebisimides 1-gen-2015 TENORI, ELEONORABONASERA, AURELIOSYRGIANNIS, ZOISPRATO, MAURIZIO +
Carbon Nanodots: Supramolecular Electron Donor-Acceptor Hybrids Featuring Perylenediimides 1-gen-2015 SYRGIANNIS, ZOISPRATO, MAURIZIO +
Biocompatible Collagen Paramagnetic Scaffold for Controlled Drug Release 1-gen-2015 SYRGIANNIS, ZOIS +
Modification of Structural and Luminescence Properties of Graphene Quantum Dots by Gamma Irradiation and Their Application in a Photodynamic Therapy 1-gen-2015 SYRGIANNIS, ZOISBONASERA, AURELIO +
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