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The structure of the cobaloxime bis(dimethylglyoximato)methylpyridine cobalt(III) 1-gen-1974 RANDACCIO, LUCIOZANGRANDO, ENNIO
Copper(I) alkyl bonding in the dinuclear copper(I) compound [(CH3)2P(CH2)2]2Cu2 1-gen-1974 RANDACCIO, LUCIOZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
Stereochemistry of copper(I) complexes. Part II. The molecular structure of the 3:2 reaction product between copper iodide and bis(diphenylphosphino) methane: di–µ–[bis-(diphe-nylphosphino)methane]–µ–iodo–di–µ3–iodo–triangulo tricopper(I) 0.5dichloromethane 1-gen-1975 RANDACCIO, LUCIOZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
Structural chemistry of alkylcobaloximes. Structural evidence for a hydroxocobaloxime and molecular structure of trans–bis (dimethylglyoximato) methylpyridinecobalt(III) and trans–bis (dimethylglyoximato) methyl(3–N–methylimidazole)cobalt(III) 1-gen-1976 ZANGRANDO, ENNIORANDACCIO, LUCIO +
Geometrical distorsions in octahedral i–propylcobaloximes 1-gen-1982 RANDACCIO, LUCIOZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
Structures of azidobis(dimethylglyoximato)(triphenylphosphine)cobalt(III), C26H29CoN7O4P, and [4,5-bis(methoxycarbonyl)-1,2,3-triazolato]bis(dimethylglyoximato)(triphenylphosphine)cobalt(III), C32H35CoN7O8P 1-gen-1984 RANDACCIO, LUCIOZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
Reaction of Pt–OH complexes with CO2: synthesis and X–ray structure of (PBz3)4Pt2(Ph)2 (µ–CO3)•(toluene) 1-gen-1984 ZANGRANDO, ENNIORANDACCIO, LUCIO +
Structural determination of a cobalt(III) complex with a Co to tertiary carbon bond: how long can a Co–C bond be? 1-gen-1984 RANDACCIO, LUCIOZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
Organocobalt B12 models with very long Co–C(tertiary) bonds. Synthesis and spectroscopic, kinetic, and structural properties of trans–bis(dimethylglyoximato)adamantyl(L) cobalt-(III) with L = trimethyl phosphite and triisopropyl phosphite 1-gen-1985 RANDACCIO, LUCIOZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
An assessment of the cis–influence in coenzime B12 models. The structure of the mixed Schiff–base/oxime complex: aquo(3,9–dimethyl–2,10–diethyl–1,4,8,11–tetra–aza–undeca–1,3,8,10–tetraen–11–ol–1–olato) (methyl)cobalt(III) hexafluorophosphate 1-gen-1985 RANDACCIO, LUCIOZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
Comparative structural and ligand–exchange properties of organocobalt B12 models. Improved synthetic procedures for Costa models and the structures of two pyridine complexes with methyl and neopentyl ligands 1-gen-1985 ZANGRANDO, ENNIORANDACCIO, LUCIO +
Organocobalt B12 models. Structures of trans–bis(glyoximato)(alkyl)(pyridine)cobalt(III), with alkyl = Me, Et, i–Pr 1-gen-1985 RANDACCIO, LUCIOZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
Rare examples of structurally characterized five–coordinate organocobalt complexes. Novel dynamic NMR evidence for synergistic enhancement of cis and trans effects in B12 models 1-gen-1985 ZANGRANDO, ENNIORANDACCIO, LUCIO +
Crystal structures of the hydrated and partially dehydrated forms of Cd–X exchanged zeolites 1-gen-1986 CALLIGARIS, MARIORANDACCIO, LUCIOZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
Structures, 1H NMR spectra, and ligand exchange properties of Costa–type organocobalt B12 models with P–donor ligands 1-gen-1986 ZANGRANDO, ENNIORANDACCIO, LUCIO +
Organocobalt complexes with exceptionally poor electron–donating alkyl groups. Extension and quantitation of the relationship between structure and NMR spectra in B12 models 1-gen-1986 ZANGRANDO, ENNIORANDACCIO, LUCIO +
Structures, NMR spectra, and ligand–exchange properties of Costa–type organocobalt B12 models with N–donor ligands 1-gen-1986 ZANGRANDO, ENNIORANDACCIO, LUCIO +
Unusually detailed insight into the dynamic behavior of coordinated ambidentate ligands. Factors influencing the binding mode of 2–aminopyridines in B12 models 1-gen-1986 ZANGRANDO, ENNIORANDACCIO, LUCIO +
Transfer to organometallic chemistry of substituent constants from organic chemistry. 1. Resolution of longstanding anomalies in the chemistry of organocobalt B12 models and organocobalamins 1-gen-1987 ZANGRANDO, ENNIORANDACCIO, LUCIO +
Structures and temperature dependence of 1H NMR and visible absorption spectra of Costa–type organocobalt B12 models with the aqua axial ligand 1-gen-1987 ZANGRANDO, ENNIORANDACCIO, LUCIO +
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