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Joint Fourier Transform Correlator for echostructure recognition 1-gen-1984 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Identification of an all-pole model of speech by a least squares homomorphic algorithm 1-gen-1984 MUMOLO, ENZO
Application of Speech Processing to a new Generation PABX 1-gen-1986 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Experimental analysis of fixed multipulse excitation patterns in PC synthesis 1-gen-1988 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Communication aid system for hearing impaired people 1-gen-1988 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Recent achievements in speech processing technologies and their applications 1-gen-1988 MUMOLO, ENZO +
A new method for performing weighted distances for speaker authentication 1-gen-1989 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Voice based remote data base access 1-gen-1989 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Large vocabulary isolated words recognizer on a cellular array processor 1-gen-1989 MUMOLO, ENZO +
High quality real time text-to-speech system for italian language 1-gen-1990 MUMOLO, ENZO +
An Efficient Algorithm for Real-time Voiced/unvoiced Decision 1-gen-1991 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Automatic document reader witj speech output capabilities 1-gen-1991 MUMOLO, ENZO +
PC-based system for handwritten characters recognition with multilayer perceptrons 1-gen-1991 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Cellular processor implementation of dynamic programming and cochlear model for automatic speech recognition 1-gen-1992 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Method and apparatus for recognizing unknown spoken words and by feature extraction and comparison with reference words 1-gen-1992 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Method of and arrangement for distinguishing between voiced and unvoiced speech elements 1-gen-1993 MUMOLO, ENZO
Optimal multipulse excitation determination by simulated anneling 1-gen-1993 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Coding of speech signal by fractal techniques 1-gen-1993 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Genetic optimization of piecewise self-affine fractal interpolation with application to speech modeling 1-gen-1994 MUMOLO, ENZO +
New Speech Separation Algorithms 1-gen-1994 MUMOLO, ENZO +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 142
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