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Activity coefficients at infinite dilution: package programs 1-gen-1982 ALESSI, PAOLOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOKIKIC, IRENEO +
Comparison between different models for excess free energy. 1-gen-1982 FERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOKIKIC, IRENEOLAPASIN, ROMANO
Activity coefficients at infinite dilution by gas-liquid chromatograpy. 1. Hydrocarbons and n-chloroparaffines in organic solvents. 1-gen-1982 ALESSI, PAOLOKIKIC, IRENEOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIO +
Liquid-liquid equilibrium for ternary systems water - alcohol - chlorocompounds. 1-gen-1982 FERMEGLIA, MAURIZIO +
Liquid - liquid equilibria for water - propanol and water - butanol - chlorocompound systems. 1-gen-1983 FERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOKIKIC, IRENEOALESSI, PAOLO +
Prediction of ternary liquid - liquid equlibria. 1-gen-1983 KIKIC, IRENEOALESSI, PAOLOLAPASIN, ROMANOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIO
Prediction of finite concentration behavior from infinite dilution equilibrium data. 1-gen-1983 KIKIC, IRENEOALESSI, PAOLOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIO
Liquid - liquid equilibrium data for ternary systems containing organic acid, hydrocarbon and water. 1-gen-1984 ALESSI, PAOLOKIKIC, IRENEOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIO +
Excess enthalpy calculations by means of equations of state 1-gen-1984 FERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOKIKIC, IRENEO
Estrazione con solventi supercritici: problemi fondamentali e di processo. 1-gen-1985 FERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOKIKIC, IRENEO +
Modified Carnahan Starling Van der Waals equation for Supercritical Fluid Extraction 1-gen-1986 BERTUCCO, ALBERTOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOKIKIC, IRENEO
Correlation of 1-Alkanol-n.Alkane Activity Coefficients at Infinite Dilution by means of GCEOS Equation. 1-gen-1986 ALESSI, PAOLOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOKIKIC, IRENEO
A Differential Static Apparatus for the Investigation of the Infinite Diluted Region. 1-gen-1986 ALESSI, PAOLOKIKIC, IRENEOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIO
Evaluation of the solubility of organic compounds in supercritical fluids. 1-gen-1986 ALESSI, PAOLOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOGALLO, VITTORINOKIKIC, IRENEO
On the use of infinite dilution activity coefficients in equations of state 1-gen-1987 ALESSI, PAOLOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOKIKIC, IRENEO +
Pure component vapour pressures by means of a hard sphere equation of state. 1-gen-1987 FERMEGLIA, MAURIZIO +
Excess volumes and viscosities of binary mixture of organics 1-gen-1988 FERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOLAPASIN, ROMANO
On the Application of Solution of Group Theory to Dilute Mixtures of Isomers. 1-gen-1988 ALESSI, PAOLOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOKIKIC, IRENEO +
Correlation of thermodynamic properties of fluids by means of equations of state 1-gen-1988 ALESSI, PAOLOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIO +
Excess volumes and viscosities of binary mixtures of organics 1-gen-1988 FERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOLAPASIN, ROMANO
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 442
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