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Omega-3 fatty acids and protein metabolism: enhancement of anabolic interventions for sarcopenia. 1-gen-2014 F. G. Di GirolamoR. SitulinS. MazzuccoR. ValentiniG. ToigoG. Biolo
Inverse relationship between "a body shape index" (ABSI) and fat-free mass in women and men: Insights into mechanisms of sarcopenic obesity. 1-gen-2015 BIOLO, GIANNIDI GIROLAMO, FILIPPO GIORGIOBREGLIA, ANDREABAGLIO, VALERIAVINCI, PIERANDREATOIGO, GABRIELEJURDANA, MIHAELAMAZZUCCO, SARASITULIN, ROBERTA +
Anabolic resistance assessed by oral stable isotope ingestion following bed rest in young and older adult volunteers: Relationships with changes in muscle mass 1-gen-2016 Biolo, GianniMazzucco, SaraDi Girolamo, Filippo GiorgioSitulin, Roberta +
Roasting intensity of naturally low-caffeine Laurina coffee modulates glucose metabolism and redox balance in humans 1-gen-2016 DI GIROLAMO, FILIPPO GIORGIOMAZZUCCO, SARASITULIN, ROBERTAMOHORKO, NINATENCE, MARCELLONAVARINI, LUCIANOBIOLO, GIANNI +
Baseline deficiency of the anti-inflammatory eicosapentaenoic acid in cell membranes worsens lean body mass wasting induced by inactivity 1-gen-2017 Di Girolamo, Filippo GiorgioAgostini, FrancescoSitulin, RobertaMearelli, FilippoVinci, PierandreaFiotti, NicolaBiolo, Gianni +
What factors influence protein synthesis and degradation in critical illness? 1-gen-2017 Di Girolamo, Filippo G.Situlin, RobertaBiolo, Gianni
Exercise-mediated reactive oxygen species generation in athletes and in patients with chronic disease 1-gen-2017 Biolo, GianniDi Girolamo, Filippo GiorgioFiotti, NicolaMearelli, FilippoSARTO, PATRIZIO
Higher protein intake is associated with improved muscle strength in elite senior athletes 1-gen-2017 Di Girolamo, Filippo GiorgioSitulin, RobertaFiotti, NicolaTence, MarcelloDe Colle, PaoloMearelli, FilippoToigo, GabrieleBiolo, Gianni +
Intermittent vs. continuous enteral feeding to prevent catabolism in acutely ill adult and pediatric patients 1-gen-2017 Di Girolamo, Filippo G.Situlin, RobertaFiotti, NicolaBiolo, Gianni
Effects of hypoxia and bed rest on markers of cardiometabolic risk: Compensatory changes in circulating trail and glutathione redox capacity 1-gen-2018 Biolo, GianniGirolamo, Filippo G. DiFiotti, NicolaSitulin, RobertaGonelli, AriannaDapas, BarbaraGrassi, GabrieleZauli, Giorgio +
Intensive insulin therapy increases glutathione synthesis rate in surgical ICU patients with stress hyperglycemia 1-gen-2018 Biolo, GianniMassolino, BenedettaDi Girolamo, Filippo GiorgioFiotti, NicolaMearelli, FilippoMazzucco, Sara +
Multiple sites of vascular dilation or aneurysmal disease and matrix metalloproteinase genetic variants in patients with abdominal aortic aneurysm 1-gen-2018 Fiotti, NicolaCalvagna, CristianoSgorlon, GiadaAltamura, NicolaPitacco, PaolaZamolo, FrancescaDi Girolamo, Filippo GiorgioChiarandini, StefanoBiolo, GianniAdovasio, Roberto
Alkalinization with potassium bicarbonate improves glutathione status and protein kinetics in young volunteers during 21-day bed rest 1-gen-2019 Biolo, GianniDi Girolamo, Filippo GiorgioSturma, MariellaMazzucco, SaraAgostini, FrancescoSitulin, RobertaVinci, PierandreaFiotti, Nicola +
Contraction and nutrition interaction promotes anabolism in cachectic muscle 1-gen-2019 Di Girolamo, Filippo GiorgioGUADAGNI, MARTINAFiotti, NicolaSitulin, RobertaBiolo, Gianni
The Nutriss Study: A New Approach to Calibrate Diet and Exercise in Long-Term Space Missions to Maintain Body Fat, Muscle and Fluid Homeostasis 1-gen-2020 Di Girolamo, F. G.Biolo, G.Fiotti, N.Situlin, R. +
First international meeting of early career investigators: Current opportunities, challenges and horizon in critical care nutrition research 1-gen-2020 Di Girolamo F. G. +
The Integration of qSOFA with Clinical Variables and Serum Biomarkers Improves the Prognostic Value of qSOFA Alone in Patients with Suspected or Confirmed Sepsis at ED Admission 1-gen-2020 Barbati, GiuliaCasarsa, ChiaraGiansante, CarloBreglia, AndreaSpica, AndreaMoras, CristinaOlivieri, GaiaOcchipinti, Alessandro AgostinoDe Nardo, MargheritaFiotti, NicolaDi Girolamo, Filippo GiorgioMarino, RossellaZanetti, MichelaBiolo, Gianni +
Ruling out coronavirus disease 2019 in patients with pneumonia: The role of blood cell count and lung ultrasound 1-gen-2021 Biolo G.Fiotti N.Di Girolamo F. G.Pipoli A.Torelli L.Vinci P. +
Impact of sedentarism due to the COVID-19 home confinement on neuromuscular, cardiovascular and metabolic health: Physiological and pathophysiological implications and recommendations for physical and nutritional countermeasures 1-gen-2021 Moro T.Baldassarre G.Biolo G.di Girolamo F. G.Fiotti N. +
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