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Intracellular Ca2+ pools in PC12 cells: a unique, rapidly exchanging pool is sensitive to both inositol 1,4,5-trisphosphate and caffeine-ryanodine. 1-gen-1991 LORENZON, Paola +
[Ca2+]i imaging in PC12 cells: multiple response patterns to receptor activation reveal new aspects of transmembrane signaling 1-gen-1991 LORENZON, Paola +
Interleukin-2 lengthens extrajunctional acetylcholine receptor channel open time in mammalian muscle cells 1-gen-1991 LORENZON, Paola +
Fluorimetric approaches to the study of calcium transients in living cells 1-gen-1991 LORENZON, Paola +
Properties of acetylcholine receptor channels in isolated skeletal muscle fibres in culture 1-gen-1991 LORENZON, Paola +
Receptor activation and Ca2+ homeostasis studied by videoimaging 1-gen-1992 LORENZON, Paola +
Ca2+ effects of bradykinin B2 receptor activation in PC12 cells. 1-gen-1992 D'ANDREA, PAOLALORENZON, Paola +
Intracellular Ca2+ stores in neurons: identification and functional aspects 1-gen-1992 D'ANDREA, PAOLALORENZON, Paola +
[Ca2+]i effects of bradykinin B2 receptor activation in PC12 cells. 1-gen-1992 D'ANDREA, PAOLALORENZON, Paola +
Receptor-mediated intracellular signalling: oscillations and waves of cytosolic calcium 1-gen-1993 LORENZON, PaolaD'ANDREA, PAOLA +
An electrophysiological study of the effects of myasthenia gravis sera and complement on rat isolated muscle fibres 1-gen-1993 LORENZON, Paola +
Properties of acetylcholine receptors in adult rat skeletal muscle fibres in culture 1-gen-1993 LORENZON, PaolaRUZZIER, FABIO +
Forskolin reduces the activity of the rat muscle embryonic-type acetylcholine receptor channel 1-gen-1995 LORENZON, PaolaRUZZIER, FABIO +
Ca2+ waves in neurites: a bidirectional, receptor-oriented form of Ca2+ signalling 1-gen-1995 LORENZON, Paola +
Spontaneous and repetitive calcium transients in C2C12 mouse myotubes during in vitro myogenesis 1-gen-1997 LORENZON, PaolaRUZZIER, FABIO +
Endothelial cell E- and P-selectin and vascular cell adhesion molecule-1 function as signaling receptors. 1-gen-1998 LORENZON, PaolaTEDESCO, FRANCESCODOBRINA, ALDO +
Voltage- and ligand-gated ryanodine receptors are functionally separated in developing C2C12 mouse myotubes 1-gen-2000 LORENZON, PaolaRUZZIER, FABIO +
Calcium and c-Fos involvement in brain-derived Ca2+-binding protein (S100)-dependent apoptosis in rat pheochromocytoma cells 1-gen-2000 LORENZON, Paola +
Properties of primary mouse myoblasts expanded in culture 1-gen-2002 LORENZON, PaolaBERNAREGGI, AnnalisaRUZZIER, FABIO +
Characterization of specific GTP biding sites in C2C12 mouse skeletal muscle cells 1-gen-2002 LORENZON, Paola +
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