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Subcellular localization of the small GTPase Rab5a in resting and stimulated human neutrophils. 1-gen-1996 VITA, FRANCESCASORANZO, MARIA ROSABORELLI, VIOLETTABERTONCIN, PAOLOZABUCCHI, GIULIANO
Ultrastructure of the interaction between Mycobacterium tuberculosis-H37Rv-containing phagosomes and the lysosomal compartment in human alveolar macrophages 1-gen-2002 BORELLI, VIOLETTAVITA, FRANCESCASORANZO, MARIA ROSABANFI, ELENAZABUCCHI, GIULIANO
The mycobacterium tuberculosis containing phagosome and the anti-mycobacterial power of macrophages 1-gen-2002 ZABUCCHI, GIULIANOBORELLI, VIOLETTAVITA, FRANCESCA +
A new assay to monitor the degranulation process in phagocytizing human neutrophils. 1-gen-2002 BORELLI, VIOLETTAVITA, FRANCESCASORANZO, MARIA ROSA +
Human eosinophil peroxidase induces surface alteration, killing and lysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis 1-gen-2003 BORELLI, VIOLETTAVITA, FRANCESCABANFI, ELENA +
Dual action of NAMI-A in inhibition of solid tumor metastasis: Selective targeting of metastatic cells and binding to collagen 1-gen-2003 SAVA, GIANNIZORZET, SONIAVITA, FRANCESCASORANZO, MARIA ROSAZABUCCHI, GIULIANOBERGAMO A. +
Identification and subcellular localization of neuronal calcium sensor-1 (NCS-1) in human neutrophils and HL-60 cells. 1-gen-2003 ROMANO, MAURIZIOVITA, FRANCESCASORANZO, MARIA ROSABORELLI, VIOLETTAZABUCCHI, GIULIANO +
Oral and intraperitoneal acute toxicity studies of yessotoxin and homoyessotoxins in mice. 1-gen-2003 TUBARO, AURELIASOSA, SILVIOVITA, FRANCESCAMELATO, MAURO +
Actin-dependent tumour cell adhesion after short-term exposure to the antimetastasis ruthenium complex NAMI-A 1-gen-2004 SAVA, GIANNIVITA, FRANCESCAFURLANI, ARIELLASCARCIA, VITOZABUCCHI, GIULIANO +
The role of granulocytes following intravesical BCG prophylaxis. 1-gen-2007 SIRACUSANO, SALVATORECICILIATO, STEFANOBORELLI, VIOLETTAZABUCCHI, GIULIANOVITA, FRANCESCA +
A procedure for the isolation of asbestos bodies from lung tissue by exploiting their magnetic properties: a new approach to asbestos body study. 1-gen-2007 BORELLI, VIOLETTAMELATO, MAURORIZZARDI, CLARAVITA, FRANCESCAABBATE, RITAGOTTER, ROBERTOZABUCCHI, GIULIANO +
BCG-induced Rabbit Alveolar Macrophages are Endowed with Strengthened Antioxidant Metabolic Pathways. 1-gen-2007 VITA, FRANCESCABORELLI, VIOLETTASORANZO, MARIA ROSAZABUCCHI, GIULIANO +
Adhesion to chondroitinase ABC treated dentin. 1-gen-2008 VITA, FRANCESCADI LENARDA, RobertoBRESCHI, LORENZO +
Effects of thermocycling and use of ElectroBond on microtensile strength and nanoleakage using commercial one-step self-etch adhesives. 1-gen-2008 VITA, FRANCESCACADENARO, MILENADI LENARDA, RobertoBRESCHI, LORENZO +
Mast cell activation by myelin through scavenger receptor. 1-gen-2008 VITA, FRANCESCAPACOR, SABRINABORELLI, VIOLETTAZABUCCHI, GIULIANO +
VAMP-8 segregates mast cell-preformed mediator exocytosis from cytokine trafficking pathways 1-gen-2008 VITA, FRANCESCASORANZO, MARIA ROSAZABUCCHI, GIULIANO +
Ultrastructural damage to heart tissue from repeated oral exposure to yessotoxin resolves in 3 months 1-gen-2008 TUBARO, AURELIAGIANGASPERO, ANNASORANZO, MARIA ROSAVITA, FRANCESCASOSA, SILVIO +
ElectroBond improves immediate dentin microtensile bond strength of two etch-and-rinse adhesives. 1-gen-2009 VITA, FRANCESCADI LENARDA, RobertoDE STEFANO, ELETTRABRESCHI, LORENZO +
Influence of chlorhexidine concentration on the durability of etch-and-rinse dentin bonds: a 12-month in vitro study. 1-gen-2009 BRESCHI, LORENZOVITA, FRANCESCACADENARO, MILENADI LENARDA, Roberto +
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