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cDNA cloning of the HMGI-C phosphoprotein, a nuclear protein associated with neoplastic and undifferentiated phenotypes. 1-gen-1991 MANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTOBANDIERA, Antonella +
Comparison of multiple forms of the high mobility group I proteins in rodent and human cells. Identification of human high mobility group I-C protein 1-gen-1991 BANDIERA, AntonellaMARZARI, ROBERTO +
High-mobility-group (HMG) proteins and histone H1 subtypes expression in normal and tumor tissues of mouse 1-gen-1993 BANDIERA, Antonella +
Expression and cDNA cloning of human HMGI-C phosphoprotein 1-gen-1994 BANDIERA, AntonellaMANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTO +
A precursor-product relationship in molluscan sperm proteins from Ensis minor. 1-gen-1995 BANDIERA, AntonellaMANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTORUSTIGHI, ALESSANDRAGIANCOTTI, VINCENZO +
Inhibition of HMGI-C protein synthesis suppresses retrovirally induced neoplastic transformation of rat thyroid cells. 1-gen-1995 MANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTOBANDIERA, AntonellaGIANCOTTI, VINCENZO +
The expression of the high mobility group HMGI(Y) proteins correlates with the malignant phenotype of human thyroid neoplasms 1-gen-1995 BANDIERA, AntonellaMANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTO +
Calcium-dependent ADP-ribosylation of high-mobility-group I (HMGI) proteins 1-gen-1996 BANDIERA, Antonella +
Human colorectal carcinomas express high levels of High Mobility Group HMGI(Y) proteins 1-gen-1996 BANDIERA, AntonellaMANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTO +
High mobility group I (HMGI) proteins as markers of squamous intraepithelial lesions (SILs) of the uterian cervix 1-gen-1997 BANDIERA, AntonellaBONIFACIO, DANIELAMANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTOMANTOVANI, FIAMMARUSTIGHI, ALESSANDRAZANCONATI, FABRIZIODI BONITO, LUIGI +
Expression of HMGI(Y) proteins in squamous intraepithelial and invasive lesions of the uterine cervix. 1-gen-1998 BANDIERA, AntonellaBONIFACIO, DANIELAMANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTOMANTOVANI, FIAMMARUSTIGHI, ALESSANDRAZANCONATI, FABRIZIODI BONITO, LUIGIGIANCOTTI, VINCENZO +
Isolation and partial characterization of two trypsins from the larval midgut of Spodoptera littoralis (Boisduval) 1-gen-1998 BANDIERA, Antonella +
A chicken hnRNP of the A/B family recognizes the single-stranded d(CCCTAA)n telomeric repeated motif 1-gen-2001 MARSICH, ELEONORABANDIERA, AntonellaMANZINI, GIORGIO +
“Cytosine-block telomeric type DNA-binding activity of hnRNP proteins from human cell lines“ 1-gen-2003 BANDIERA, AntonellaTELL, GianlucaMARSICH, ELEONORACESARATTO, LAURAMANZINI, GIORGIO +
In-vitro dual binding activity of a evolutionarily related subgroup of hnRNP proteins 1-gen-2005 BANDIERA, AntonellaMANZINI, GIORGIO +
Vertebrate 2xRBD hnRNP proteins: a comparative analysis of genome, mRNA and protein sequences 1-gen-2005 BANDIERA, AntonellaMANZINI, GIORGIO +
Expression and characterisation of human-elastin-repeat-based temperature responsive protein polymers for biotechnological purposes 1-gen-2005 BANDIERA, Antonella +
Expression of SMAP-29 cathelicidin-like peptide in bacterial cells by intein-mediated system 1-gen-2005 BANDIERA, Antonella +
Role of the Escherichia coli SbmA in the antimicrobial activity of proline-rich peptides. 1-gen-2007 BANDIERA, AntonellaGENNARO, RENATOBENINCASA, MONICAPACOR, SABRINAANTCHEVA, NikolinkaSCOCCHI, MARCO +
3D Human Elastin-like based Matrices as Potential Drug Delivery System 1-gen-2009 BANDIERA, Antonella
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