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Anthropogenic heavy metal distribution in sediments from an area exposed to industrial pollution (harbour of trieste, northern adriatic sea) 1-gen-1996 ADAMI, GIANPIEROBARBIERI, PIERLUIGICAMPISI, BARBARAREISENHOFER, EDOARDO +
Trace metals used as natural markers for discriminating some karstic freshwaters near trieste (italy) 1-gen-1996 REISENHOFER, EDOARDOADAMI, GIANPIEROBARBIERI, PIERLUIGI
Bivalves and heavy metals in polluted sediments: a chemometric approach 1-gen-1997 ADAMI, GIANPIEROBARBIERI, PIERLUIGIFAVRETTO, ANDREA +
Principal factor analysis as applied in environmental chemistry: the study of eutrophication in a shallow lake 1-gen-1997 REISENHOFER, EDOARDOADAMI, GIANPIEROBARBIERI, PIERLUIGI +
Heavy metals in sediments of marano lagoon and their relevance on clam hatcheries. a chemometric investigation. 1-gen-1997 ADAMI, GIANPIEROBARBIERI, PIERLUIGIREISENHOFER, EDOARDO +
New data on organic pollutants in surface sediments in the harbour of Trieste 1-gen-1998 ADAMI, GIANPIEROBARBIERI, PIERLUIGIREISENHOFER, EDOARDO +
Using chemical and physical parameters to define the quality of karstic freshwaters (Timavo River, North-eastern Italy): a chemometric approach 1-gen-1998 REISENHOFER, EDOARDOADAMI, GIANPIEROBARBIERI, PIERLUIGI
A chemometric survey of three sites in Muggia Bay (Northern Adriatic Sea): meteorological effects on heavy metal patterns in surface coastal waters 1-gen-1998 FAVRETTO, ANDREABARBIERI, PIERLUIGIREISENHOFER, EDOARDOADAMI, GIANPIERO
Multivariate analysis of chemical-physical parameters to characterize and discriminate karstic waters 1-gen-1998 BARBIERI, PIERLUIGIADAMI, GIANPIEROREISENHOFER, EDOARDO
A Geostatistical approach for describing the water quality in the gulf of Trieste 1-gen-1999 BEVILACQUA, PAOLOBARBIERI, PIERLUIGI
Survey of environmental complex systems: pattern recognition of physicochemical data describing coastal water quality in the Gulf of Trieste 1-gen-1999 BARBIERI, PIERLUIGIADAMI, GIANPIEROREISENHOFER, EDOARDO +
Trace metal voltammetric determination of otoliths of tench Tinca tinca (L.): its possible uses in monitoring the quality of freshwaters 1-gen-1999 ADAMI, GIANPIEROBARBIERI, PIERLUIGIREISENHOFER, EDOARDO +
Searching for A 3-way model of spatial and seasonal variations in the chemical composition of karstic freshwaters 1-gen-1999 BARBIERI, PIERLUIGIADAMI, GIANPIEROREISENHOFER, EDOARDO
Modeling bio-geochemical interactions in the surface waters of the Gulf of Trieste by three-way principal component analysis (PCA) 1-gen-1999 BARBIERI, PIERLUIGIREISENHOFER, EDOARDOADAMI, GIANPIERO +
A comparison on five sediment decomposition procedures for determining anthropogenic trace metal pollution 1-gen-1999 ADAMI, GIANPIEROBARBIERI, PIERLUIGIREISENHOFER, EDOARDO
Heavy metals in surface sediments near urban and industrial sewage discharges in the Gulf of Trieste 1-gen-1999 BARBIERI, PIERLUIGIADAMI, GIANPIEROPREDONZANI, SERGIOREISENHOFER, EDOARDO
Nutrient distribution in locations of the Gulf of Trieste (Northern Adriatic Sea) suspected of pollution 1-gen-1999 REISENHOFER, EDOARDOADAMI, GIANPIEROBARBIERI, PIERLUIGI +
An improved index for monitoring metal pollutants in surface sediments 1-gen-2000 REISENHOFER, EDOARDOADAMI, GIANPIEROBARBIERI, PIERLUIGI
Detecting and characterizing sources of persistent organic pollutants (PAHs AND PCBs) in surface sediments of an industrialized area (Harbour of Trieste, Northern Adriatic) 1-gen-2000 ADAMI, GIANPIEROBARBIERI, PIERLUIGIPISELLI, STEFANOPREDONZANI, SERGIOREISENHOFER, EDOARDO
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 96
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