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Quantitative models and methods for locating logistic nodes in maritime transportation 1-gen-1998 CASTELLI, LORENZOLONGO, GIOVANNIUKOVICH, WALTER +
A DEA-like model for a multi-layer resource allocation problem 1-gen-1999 CASTELLI, LORENZOUKOVICH, WALTER +
Evaluating the performance of an airport landside using DEA 1-gen-2000 CASTELLI, LORENZOUKOVICH, WALTER +
Towards Inverse Production Life Cycle Design: a Simulation Tool Linking Mass Products Recycling to Environmental Legislation and Market 1-gen-2001 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
DEA-like models for efficiency evaluation of specialized and interdependent units 1-gen-2001 CASTELLI, LORENZOUKOVICH, WALTER +
Intelligent decision support system for performance assessing and ranking: the evaluation of air traffic control units 1-gen-2002 CASTELLI, LORENZOUKOVICH, WALTER +
Modelli di programmazione lineare bilivello per una rete di trasporto merci 1-gen-2002 CASTELLI, LORENZOLONGO, GIOVANNIPESENTI, RaffaeleUKOVICH, WALTER
Autonomous agent system using dispatching rules in the negotiation protocol 1-gen-2002 CASTELLI, LORENZOUKOVICH, WALTER +
Data Envelopment Analysis when considering the internal structure of the decision making units: a review. 1-gen-2004 CASTELLI, LORENZOUKOVICH, WALTER +
Scheduling Multimodal Transportation Systems 1-gen-2004 CASTELLI, LORENZOUKOVICH, WALTER +
Two-Player Noncooperative Games over a Freight Transportation Network 1-gen-2004 CASTELLI, LORENZOLONGO, GIOVANNIUKOVICH, WALTER +
DEA-like Models for the Efficiency Evaluation of Hierarchically Structured Units 1-gen-2004 CASTELLI, LORENZOUKOVICH, WALTER +
A review of DEA models when the internal structure of the decision making units is considered 1-gen-2005 CASTELLI, LORENZOUKOVICH, WALTER +
Route-charging policies for a central European cross-border upper airspace 1-gen-2005 CASTELLI, LORENZOUKOVICH, WALTER +
Cargo revenue management: capacity inventory control when demand is not independent 1-gen-2006 CASTELLI, LORENZOUKOVICH, WALTER +
A market based mechanism to assign priorities among flights 1-gen-2008 RANIERI, ANDREACASTELLI, LORENZO +
Contract-based air transportation system to fulfill the arriving-on-time objective 1-gen-2008 CASTELLI, LORENZORANIERI, ANDREA +
Effect of Different Economic Support Policies on the Optimal Definition and Operation of a CHP and RES Distributed Generation Systems 1-gen-2008 CASTELLI, LORENZOREINI, MAURO +
Analysis of a Collaborative Decision Making Concept in Air Traffic Management: an Airline Perspective 1-gen-2009 CASTELLI, LORENZOPADOANO, ElioPELLEGRINI, PAOLARANIERI, ANDREA
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 71
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