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Projections to the supraoptic and paraventricular nuclei studied in the rat by means of retrograde fluorescent tracers (fast blue, nuclear yellow) 1-gen-1984 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Immunoreactive dynorphin-like material in rat pituitary after ovariectomy 1-gen-1986 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Origin of the afferent projections to the basolateral complex of the amygdala and dorsal raphe nucleus. A study using markers with fluorescent tracing 1-gen-1986 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Functional significance of trigeminal projections to the fastigial nucleus of the cerebellum 1-gen-1986 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Functional significance of trigeminal projections to the dentate nucleus of the cerebellum 1-gen-1986 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Afferent projections to the raphe pontis and zona incerta. Study using fluorescent dye markers 1-gen-1986 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Branching axons of subcoeruleus nucleus project to the nucleus raphe pontis and hypothalamic zona incerta, as studied with the double fluorescent retrograde tracing technique 1-gen-1988 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Role of the ventromedial hypothalamus in the regulation of adenohypophyseal immunoreactive dynorphin in the rat 1-gen-1988 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Branching projections from subcoeruleus area neurons to medial preoptic area and cervical spinal cord revealed by double retrograde neuronal labeling 1-gen-1989 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Intrathecal TRH-T after lesions of the rat spinal cord. Effects on neurological recovery and on ir-dynorphin B 1-gen-1990 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Neurons in raphe nuclei pontis and magnus have branching axons that project to medial preoptic area and cervical spinal cord. A fluorescent retrograde double labeling study, in the rat 1-gen-1991 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Acetylcholine release in the hippocampus: regulation by monoaminergic afferents as assessed by in vivo microdialysis. 1-gen-1992 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Spatial learning impairments in rats with selective immunolesion of the forebrain cholinergic system. 1-gen-1992 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Regulation of neurotrophin and trkA, trkB and trkC tyrosine kinase receptor messenger RNA expression in kindling. 1-gen-1993 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Compensatory changes of in vivo acetylcholine and noradrenaline release in the hippocampus after partial deafferentation, as monitored by microdialysis. 1-gen-1993 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Functional activity of intrahippocampal septal grafts is regulated by catecholaminergic host afferents as studied by microdialysis of acetylcholine. 1-gen-1993 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Basal forebrain grafts in the hippocampus and neocortex: regulation of acetylcholine release 1-gen-1993 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Amphetamine induces excess release of striatal acetylcholine in vivo that is independent of nigrostriatal dopamine 1-gen-1994 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Selective lesioning of the basal forebrain cholinergic system by intraventricular 192 IgG-saporin: behavioral, biochemical and stereological studies in the rat. 1-gen-1995 LEANZA, Giampiero +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 55
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