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A study of the interactions of some polypyridylruthenium(II) complexes with DNA using fluorescence spectroscopy, topoisomerisation and thermal denaturation 1-gen-1985 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Ruthenium polypyridyl complexes; their interactions with DNA and their role as sensitizers for its fotocleavage 1-gen-1987 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Binding of Ru(bpy)32+ and Ru(phen)32+ to polynucleotides and DNA. Effect of added salts on the absorption and luminescence properties 1-gen-1988 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Interactions of some ruthenium polypyridyl complexes with DNA and their use as sensitizers for its cleavage 1-gen-1989 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
A study of some ruthenium polypyridyl complexes as DNA binders and photocleavage reagents 1-gen-1989 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Photosensitized reactions of poly(U) with tris(2,2'-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) and peroxydisulfate 1-gen-1989 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Interaction of ruthenium complexes with nucleic acids. DNA damage via photosensitized free-radical production 1-gen-1989 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Laser-induced strand break formation of polyuridylic acid in the presence and absence of tris(2,2'-bipyridyl)ruthenium(II) and K2S2O8 1-gen-1989 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Site-specific photocleavage of DNA 1-gen-1990 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO
Interaction of tetra-azaphenanthrene ruthenium complexes with DNA and oligonucloetides. A photophysical and photochemical investigation 1-gen-1990 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Medium dependence of the spectroscopic and photophysical properties of Ru(bpy)2(HAT)2+. The effect of solvent, pH and binding to polyelectrolytes 1-gen-1991 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Photo-induced electron transfer from nucleotides to ruthenium-tris-1,4,5,8 tetraazaphenanthrene: model for photosensitized DNA oxidation 1-gen-1992 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Improved detection of homology in distantly related proteins: similarity of adducin with actin-binding proteins 1-gen-1992 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Synthetic approach to the identification of the antibacterial domain of bactenecins, Pro/Arg rich peptides from bovine neutrophils. 1-gen-1993 GENNARO, RENATOSCOCCHI, MARCOTOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Photoinduced interaction of Ru(bpy)32+ with nucleotides and nucleic acids in the presence of S2O82-: a transient conductivity study 1-gen-1993 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Photoaddition of ruthenium(II)-tris-1,4,5,8-tetraazaphenanthrene to DNA and mononucleotides 1-gen-1994 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Structural characterization of synthetic model peptides of the DNA-binding cI434 repressor by electrospray ionization and fast atom bombardment mass spectrometry 1-gen-1994 TOSSI, ALESSANDRO +
Identification and characterization of a primary antibacterial domain in CAP18, a lipopolysaccharide binding protein from rabbit leukocytes. 1-gen-1994 TOSSI, ALESSANDROSCOCCHI, MARCOSKERLAVAJ, BARBARAGENNARO, RENATO
Chemical synthesis and biological activity of a novel antibacterial peptide deduced from a pig myeloid cDNA. 1-gen-1994 SCOCCHI, MARCOTOSSI, ALESSANDROGENNARO, RENATOZANETTI, MARGHERITA +
Molecular cloning and chemical synthesis of a novel antibacterial peptide derived from pig myeloid cells. 1-gen-1994 ZANETTI, MARGHERITATOSSI, ALESSANDROSCOCCHI, MARCOGENNARO, RENATO +
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