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Design of photoactivatable metallodrugs: Selective and rapid light-induced ligand dissociation from half-sandwich [Ru([9]aneS3)(N–N′)(py)]2+ complexes 1-gen-2012 ALESSIO, ENZORAGAZZON, GIULIO +
Ruthenium(ii) complexes based on tridentate polypyridine ligands that feature long-lived room-temperature luminescence 1-gen-2013 Giulio Ragazzon +
Photochemically controlled molecular machines with sequential logic operation 1-gen-2014 Ragazzon GiulioSilvi Serena +
The eternal youth of azobenzene: New photoactive molecular and supramolecular devices 1-gen-2015 Ragazzon GiulioSilvi Serena +
Pompe molecolari azionate dalla luce 1-gen-2015 Ragazzon GiulioSilvi Serena +
Light-powered, artificial molecular pumps: a minimalistic approach 1-gen-2015 RAGAZZON, GIULIOSILVI, SERENA +
Light-powered autonomous and directional molecular motion of a dissipative self-assembling system 1-gen-2015 Ragazzon GiulioSilvi Serena +
An Artificial Molecular Transporter 1-gen-2016 RAGAZZON, GIULIOSILVI, SERENA +
Light-driven molecular machines based on ruthenium(II) polypyridine complexes: Strategies and recent advances 1-gen-2016 RAGAZZON, GIULIO +
Structural Changes of a Doubly Spin-Labeled Chemically Driven Molecular Shuttle Probed by PELDOR Spectroscopy 1-gen-2016 Ragazzon GiulioLucarini Marco +
Synthesis and characterization of constitutionally isomeric oriented calix[6]arene-based rotaxanes 1-gen-2016 Ragazzon G.Lucarini M.Silvi S. +
Synthesis by ring closing metathesis and properties of an electroactive calix[6]arene [2]catenane 1-gen-2016 Ragazzon GiulioSilvi Serena +
Electrochemically Controlled Supramolecular Switches and Machines 1-gen-2017 Ragazzon, G.Ceroni, P. +
Photochemistry: Volume 44 1-gen-2017 RAGAZZON, GIULIOSILVI, SERENA +
Plugging a Bipyridinium Axle into Multichromophoric Calix[6]arene Wheels Bearing Naphthyl Units at Different Rims 1-gen-2017 RAGAZZON, GIULIOSILVI, SERENA +
Efficient active-template synthesis of calix[6]arene-based oriented pseudorotaxanes and rotaxanes 1-gen-2017 Ragazzon, GiulioSilvi, Serena +
Thermodynamic Insights on a Bistable Acid–Base Switchable Molecular Shuttle with Strongly Shifted Co-conformational Equilibria 1-gen-2017 RAGAZZON, GIULIO +
Covalent capture of oriented calix[6]arene rotaxanes by a metal-free active template approach 1-gen-2017 Ragazzon, GiulioSilvi, Serena +
Electrochemically triggered Co-conformational switching in a [2]catenane comprising a non-symmetric calix[6]arene wheel and a two-station oriented macrocycle 1-gen-2018 Ragazzon, GiulioSilvi, Serena +
Redox-SwitchableCalix[6]arene-BasedIsomericRotaxanes 1-gen-2018 Giulio Ragazzon +
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