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Does cervical length at 13-15 weeks gestation predict preterm delivery in an unselected population? 1-gen-2003 Stampalija T +
An unexpected adverse outcome of a fetal mild pyelectasis 1-gen-2008 Stampalija T +
EXIT (ex Utero Intrapartum Treatment) technique – management of a giant fetal lymphagioma 1-gen-2010 Stampalija T +
Fetal and umbilical Doppler ultrasound in normal pregnancy 1-gen-2010 Stampalija T +
Fetal and umbilical Doppler ultrasound in high-risk pregnancies 1-gen-2010 Stampalija T +
Distinction between fetal growth restriction and small for gestational age newborn weight enhances the prognostic value of low PAPP-A in the first trimester 1-gen-2010 Stampalija TFerrazzi E +
Utero-placental Doppler ultrasound for improving pregnancy outcome 1-gen-2010 Stampalija T +
Doppler ultrasound: when and why? 1-gen-2010 Stampalija, Tamara +
Doppler in obstetrics: evidence from randomized trials 1-gen-2010 Stampalija T +
Home labour induction with retrievable prostaglandin pessary and continuous telemetric trans-abdominal fetal ECG monitoring. 1-gen-2011 Stampalija T +
Cervical stich (cerclage) for preventing preterm birth in singleton pregnancy 1-gen-2012 Stampalija T +
Mitochondrial content and function in placental cells and tissues of Preeclampsia and IUGR 1-gen-2012 T. StampalijaE.M. Ferrazzi +
Fetal and maternal heart rate confusion during intra-partum monitoring: comparison of trans-abdominal fetal electrocardiogram and Doppler telemetry 1-gen-2012 Stampalija T +
The evidence for late-onset pre-eclampsia as a maternogenic disease of pregnancy 1-gen-2013 Stampalija T +
Soluble TRIAL in normal pregnancy and acute pyelonephritis: a potential explanation for the susceptibility of pregnant women to microbial products and infection 1-gen-2013 Stampalija T +
Increased trophoblast oxygen consumption in IUGR 1-gen-2013 T. StampalijaE. Ferrazzi +
Fetal Growth Restriction (FGR) – Fetal Evaluation and Antepartum Intervention 1-gen-2013 Stampalija T +
Fetal and umbilical Doppler ultrasound in high risk pregnancies 1-gen-2013 Stampalija T +
Soluble ST2 in the fetal inflammatory response syndrome: in-vivo evidence of activation of the anti-inflammatory limb of the immune response 1-gen-2013 Stampalija T +
Maternal plasma concentrations of sST2 and angiogenic/anti-angiogenic factors in preeclampsia 1-gen-2013 Stampalija T +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 89
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