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Organocatalytic Asymmetric Wittig Reactions: Generation of Enantioenriched Axially Chiral Olefins Breaking a Symmetry Plane 1-gen-2011 Giacomo Filippini +
Photochemical direct perfluoroalkylation of phenols 1-gen-2015 Filippini, G +
Enantioselective Formal α-Methylation and α-Benzylation of Aldehydes by Means of Photo-organocatalysis 1-gen-2017 Filippini, Giacomo +
Controlling the C(sp3)-C(sp2) Axial Conformation in the Enantioselective Friedel-Crafts-Type Alkylation of β-Naphthols with Inden-1-ones 1-gen-2017 Filippini, Giacomo +
Highly Performing Iodoperfluoroalkylation of Alkenes Triggered by the Photochemical Activity of Perylene Diimides 1-gen-2019 Rosso, CristianFilippini, GiacomoPrato, Maurizio +
Visible-Light-Mediated Iodoperfluoroalkylation of Alkenes in Flow and Its Application to the Synthesis of a Key Fulvestrant Intermediate 1-gen-2019 Rosso C.Filippini G.Prato M. +
Use of Nitrogen-Doped Carbon Nanodots for the Photocatalytic Fluoroalkylation of Organic Compounds 1-gen-2019 Rosso C.Filippini G.Prato M.
"Novel idebenone analogs block Shc’s access to insulin receptor to improveinsulin sensitivity" 1-gen-2020 Cristian RossoGiacomo FilippiniMaurizio Prato +
Light-driven, heterogeneous organocatalysts for C-C bond formation toward valuable perfluoroalkylated intermediates 1-gen-2020 Filippini G.Longobardo F.Melchionna M.Fornasiero P.Prato M. +
Carbon Dots as Nano-Organocatalysts for Synthetic Applications 1-gen-2020 Rosso, CristianFilippini, GiacomoPrato, Maurizio
Mapping the Surface Groups of Amine-Rich Carbon Dots Enables Covalent Catalysis in Aqueous Media 1-gen-2020 Filippini, GiacomoAmato, FrancescoRosso, CristianRagazzon, GiulioPrato, Maurizio +
Synthesis and applications of amino-functionalized carbon nanomaterials 1-gen-2020 Gualandi L.Di Noja S.Filippini G.Bosi S.Prato M. +
Use of Perylene Diimides in Synthetic Photochemistry 1-gen-2021 Rosso C.Filippini G.Prato M.
Turning the Light on Phenols: New Opportunities in Organic Synthesis 1-gen-2021 Bartolomei B.Gentile G.Rosso C.Filippini G.Prato M.
Metal-Free Photocatalysis: Two-Dimensional Nanomaterial Connection toward Advanced Organic Synthesis 1-gen-2021 Rosso, CristianFilippini, GiacomoMelchionna, MicheleFornasiero, PaoloPrato, Maurizio +
Tailored amorphization of graphitic carbon nitride triggers superior photocatalytic C-C coupling towards the synthesis of perfluoroalkyl derivatives 1-gen-2021 Giuseppe GentileGiacomo FilippiniPaolo FornasieroMaurizio PratoMichele Melchionna +
Engineering Functional Nanomaterials Through the Amino Group 1-gen-2021 Filippini, GiacomoPengo, PaoloBosi, SusannaRagazzon, GiulioPasquato, LuciaPrato, Maurizio
Engineering Functional Nanomaterials Through the Amino Group 1-gen-2021 Giacomo FilippiniPaolo PengoSusanna BosiGiulio RagazzonLucia PasquatoMaurizio Prato
The Photochemical Activity of a Halogen-Bonded Complex Enables the Microfluidic Light-Driven Alkylation of Phenols 1-gen-2022 # Cristian RossoMaurizio PratoGiacomo Filippini +
Radical defects modulate the photocatalytic response in 2D-graphitic carbon nitride 1-gen-2022 Raciti, EMelchionna, MFilippini, GBevilacqua, MFornasiero, PPrato, M +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 29
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