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A study on the best wavelet for audio compression 1-gen-2006 BARBON JUNIOR S +
A fractal and wavelet-based approach for audio coding 1-gen-2006 Barbon Junior S +
Support vector machines and wavelets for voice disorder sorting 1-gen-2006 BARBON JUNIOR S +
Improved dynamic time warping based on the discrete wavelet transform 1-gen-2007 BARBON JUNIOR S +
Autoregressive decomposition and pole tracking applied to vocal fold nodule signals 1-gen-2007 Barbon Junior S +
A neural-wavelet architecture for voice conversion 1-gen-2007 Barbon Junior S +
Introduction to the discrete shapelet transform and a new paradigm: Joint time-frequency-shape analysis 1-gen-2008 Barbon Junior S +
A neural-network approach for speech features classification based on paraconsistent logic 1-gen-2009 Barbon Junior S +
Wavelet-based cepstrum calculation 1-gen-2009 Barbon Junior S +
Wavelet-based dynamic time warping 1-gen-2009 Barbon Junior S +
On the determination of epsilon during discriminative GMM training 1-gen-2010 Barbon Junior S +
Introducing the Discriminative Paraconsistent Machine (DPM) 1-gen-2013 Barbon Junior S +
Using Ant Colony Optimization metaheuristic and Dynamic Time Warping for anomaly detection 1-gen-2013 Barbon Junior S +
Anomaly detection using digital signature of network segment with adaptive ARIMA model and Paraconsistent Logic 1-gen-2014 Barbon Junior S +
Color energy as a seed descriptor for image segmentation with region growing algorithms on skin wound images 1-gen-2014 Barbon Junior S +
Adaptive distribution of vocabulary frequencies: A novel estimation suitable for social media corpus 1-gen-2014 Barbon Junior S +
Correlational paraconsistent machine for anomaly detection 1-gen-2014 Barbon Junior S +
Building relationship quality in electronic commerce 1-gen-2015 Barbon Junior S +
Discovering attack strategies using process mining 1-gen-2015 Barbon Junior S +
Pattern recognition of lower member skin ulcers in medical images with machine learning algorithms 1-gen-2015 Barbon Junior S +
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 79
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