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Drug Nanocrystals: theoretical background of solubility increase and dissolution rate enhancement 1-gen-2014 HASA, DRITANPERISSUTTI, BeatriceVOINOVICH, DARIOABRAMI, MICHELAFARRA, ROSSELLAFIORENTINO, SIMONA MARIAGRASSI, GABRIELEGRASSI, Mario
Improvement of the water solubility of tolfenamic acid by new multiple-component crystals produced by mechanochemical methods 1-gen-2014 HASA, DRITANVOINOVICH, DARIO +
Quality improvement of melt extruded laminar systems using mixture design 1-gen-2015 HASA, DRITANPERISSUTTI, BeatriceCAMPISI, BARBARAGRASSI, MarioGRABNAR, IZTOKGOLOB, SAMUELVOINOVICH, DARIO +
Cocrystal Formation through Mechanochemistry: from Neat and Liquid-Assisted Grinding to Polymer-Assisted Grinding 1-gen-2015 HASA, DRITANVOINOVICH, DARIO +
Mechanochemical Synthesis of Multicomponent Crystals: One Liquid for One Polymorph? A Myth to Dispel 1-gen-2016 HASA D +
Preparation And Characterization Of A New Soluble And Bioactive Polymorph Of Praziquantel. 1-gen-2016 B. PerissuttiD. ZanollaD. HasaVoinovich, D. +
Polymer-Assisted Grinding, a Versatile Method for Polymorph Control of Cocrystallization 1-gen-2016 HASA D +
Nanostructured drugs embedded into a polymeric matrix: Vinpocetine/PVP hybrids investigated by Debye function analysis 1-gen-2016 HASA, DRITANPERISSUTTI, BeatriceVOINOVICH, DARIOGRASSI, Mario +
New Solid Forms of praziquantel through liquid assisted Grinding 1-gen-2017 Zanolla D.Perissutti, B.Hasa D.Voinovich D. +
Exploring the Shape Influence on Melting Temperature, Enthalpy, and Solubility of Organic Drug Nanocrystals by a Thermodynamic Model 1-gen-2017 CHIARAPPA, GIANLUCAHASA, DRITANVOINOVICH, DARIOMONEGHINI, MARIAROSAGRASSI, GABRIELEFARRA, ROSSELLAABRAMI, MICHELAPOSOCCO, PAOLAPRICL, SABRINAGRASSI, Mario +
Screening for new pharmaceutical solid forms using mechanochemistry: A practical guide 1-gen-2017 HASA D +
Praziquantel Form B: preparation and characterization of the only ever-known anhydrous polymorph 1-gen-2018 Zanolla D.Perissutti B.Hasa D.Voinovich D. +
Dehydration without Heating: Use of Polymer-Assisted Grinding for Understanding the Stability of Hydrates in the Presence of Polymeric Excipients 1-gen-2018 SCARAMUZZA, DAVIDEVoinovich, DarioHasa, Dritan +
A new soluble and bioactive polymorph of praziquantel 1-gen-2018 Debora ZanollaBeatrice PerissuttiDritan HasaDario VoinovichNicola DemitriSilvano Geremia +
On the kinetics of solvate formation through mechanochemistry 1-gen-2019 Hasa D. +
Selective Synthesis of a Salt and a Cocrystal of the Ethionamide-Salicylic Acid System 1-gen-2020 Voinovich D.Hasa D. +
Dissolution of an ensemble of differently shaped poly-dispersed drug particles undergoing solubility reduction: mathematical modeling 1-gen-2020 Abrami M.Grassi M.Hasa D.Perissutti B.Voinovich D.Grassi G. +
Mechanochemical Formation of Racemic Praziquantel Hemihydrate with Improved Biopharmaceutical Properties 1-gen-2020 Debora ZanollaDritan HasaDario VoinovichBeatrice Perissutti +
Echinacea angustifolia DC. Lipophilic Extract Patch for Skin Application: Preparation, In Vitro and In Vivo Studies 1-gen-2020 Dritan HasaBeatrice PerissuttiDario Voinovich +
Monitoring polymer-assisted mechanochemical cocrystallisation through in situ X-ray powder diffraction 1-gen-2020 Moneghini, MariarosaHasa, Dritan +
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