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Explicit de Sitter flux vacua for global string models with chiral matter 1-gen-2014 VALANDRO, ROBERTO +
The fate of U(1)'s at strong coupling in F-theory 1-gen-2014 VALANDRO, ROBERTO +
De Sitter vacua from a D-term generated racetrack potential in hypersurface Calabi-Yau compactifications 1-gen-2015 VALANDRO, ROBERTO +
On KKLT/CFT and LVS/CFT dualities 1-gen-2015 VALANDRO, ROBERTO +
Moduli stabilisation with nilpotent goldstino: vacuum structure and SUSY breaking 1-gen-2016 VALANDRO, ROBERTO +
T-branes through 3d mirror symmetry 1-gen-2016 VALANDRO, ROBERTO +
Global string embeddings for the nilpotent Goldstino 1-gen-2016 VALANDRO, ROBERTO +
De Sitter from T-branes 1-gen-2016 VALANDRO, ROBERTO +
T-branes, monopoles and S-duality 1-gen-2017 VALANDRO, ROBERTO +
Global orientifolded quivers with inflation 1-gen-2017 Valandro, Roberto +
Weak coupling limit of F-theory models with MSSM spectrum and massless U(1)’s 1-gen-2018 Valandro, Roberto +
Geometric engineering on flops of length two 1-gen-2018 Valandro, Roberto +
High electric charges in M-theory from quiver varieties 1-gen-2019 Valandro, Roberto +
Counting associatives in compact G2 orbifolds 1-gen-2019 Valandro, Roberto +
High U(1) charges in type IIB models and their F-theory lift 1-gen-2019 Valandro R. +
The role of U(1)’s in 5d theories, Higgs branches, and geometry 1-gen-2020 Valandro R. +
A string theory realization of special unitary quivers in 3 dimensions 1-gen-2020 Valandro R. +
Systematics of the α′ expansion in F-theory 1-gen-2021 Valandro R. +
Higgs branches of 5d rank-zero theories from geometry 1-gen-2021 Sangiovanni A.Valandro R. +
The Standard Model quiver in de Sitter string compactifications 1-gen-2021 Valandro R. +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 43
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