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The Air Traffic Flow Management Problem with Time Windows 1-gen-2010 COROLLI, LucaCASTELLI, LORENZO +
En route charges for ANSP revenue maximization 1-gen-2010 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
Short-term allocation of Time Windows to flights through a distributed market-based CDM mechanism 1-gen-2010 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
Granting flexible operations in congested airspaces 1-gen-2010 CASTELLI, LORENZOCOROLLI, luca +
A classification of DEA models when the internal structure of the Decision Making Units is considered 1-gen-2010 CASTELLI, LORENZOUKOVICH, WALTER +
An heuristic market-based procedure for the collaborative assignment of ATFM resources 1-gen-2010 RANIERI, ANDREACASTELLI, LORENZO
Effects on airline costs of different air traffic management scenarios: an assessment method based on fast-time simulation outputs 1-gen-2010 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
Ant Colony Optimization for Allocating Airport Slots 1-gen-2011 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
The Design of a Market Mechanism to Allocate Air Traffic Flow Management Slots 1-gen-2011 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
Critical Flights Detected with Time Windows 1-gen-2011 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
An AHP Analysis of Air Traffic Management with Target Windows 1-gen-2011 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
Short-term allocation of Time Windows to flights through a distributed market-based mechanism 1-gen-2012 CASTELLI, LORENZORANIERI, ANDREA +
The Impact of Airlines’ Collaboration in Air Traffic Flow Management 1-gen-2012 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
Airport Slot Allocation in Europe: economic efficiency and fairness 1-gen-2012 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
Metaheuristic algorithms for the simultaneous slot allocation problem 1-gen-2012 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
Secondary Trading of Airport Slots as a Combinatorial Exchange 1-gen-2012 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
The Impact of Uncertain Departure Delays on Flight Flexibility 1-gen-2012 CASTELLI, LORENZO +
ITS solutions for air cargo revenue management 1-gen-2013 BOLIC, TATJANACASTELLI, LORENZORIGONAT, DESIREE
GIS-based tool to support civil aviation management during explosive volcanic eruptions 1-gen-2013 BOLIC, TATJANACASTELLI, LORENZO +
Airport slot allocation: performance of the current system and options for reform. Towards a comprehensive performance framework 1-gen-2013 CASTELLI, LORENZOBOLIC, TATJANA +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 74
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