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Dynamics of the O Induced Reconstruction of the Rh(110) Surface: a Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Study 1-gen-2001 AFRICH, CRISTINACOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
(10x2) strained reconstruction induced by oxygen adsorption on the Rh(110) surface. 1-gen-2001 VESSELLI, ERIKAFRICH, CRISTINABARALDI, AlessandroCOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
Reactivity and Deconstruction of the (1x2)-Rh(110) Surface Studied by Scanning Tunneling Microscopy 1-gen-2002 AFRICH, CRISTINACOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
Bonding of Gold Nano-Clusters to Oxygen Vacancies on Rutile TiO2(110) 1-gen-2003 AFRICH, CRISTINA +
Two-Step Reaction on a Strained, Nano-scale segmented Surface 1-gen-2004 AFRICH, CRISTINAROSEI, RENZOCOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Initial Oxidation of a Rh(110) Surface using Atomic or Molecular Oxygen and Reduction of the Surface Oxide by Hydrogen 1-gen-2005 DRI, CARLOAFRICH, CRISTINACOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Water Production Reaction on Rh(110). 1-gen-2005 AFRICH, CRISTINAROSEI, RENZOCOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
K-Stabilized High-Oxygen-Coverage States on Rh(110): A Low-Pressure Pathway to Formation of Surface Oxide 1-gen-2005 AFRICH, CRISTINACOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Electron Localization Determines Defect Formation on Ceria Substrates 1-gen-2005 MONTINI, TIZIANOAFRICH, CRISTINAFORNASIERO, PaoloCOMELLI, GIOVANNIROSEI, RENZO +
Initial oxidation of the Rh(110) surface: Ordered adsorption and surface oxide structures 1-gen-2006 DRI, CARLOAFRICH, CRISTINACOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Scanning Tunneling Microscopy Investigations of Simple Surface Reactions on Rh(110) 1-gen-2006 AFRICH, CRISTINACOMELLI, GIOVANNI
K and Mixed K+O Adlayers on Rh(110) 1-gen-2006 AFRICH, CRISTINACOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Method for driving a scanning probe microscope at elevated scan frequencies 1-gen-2011 DRI, CARLOCOMELLI, GIOVANNIAFRICH, CRISTINASPESSOT, ALESSIO +
The FAST module: An add-on unit for driving commercial scanning probe microscopes at video rate and beyond 1-gen-2011 DRI, CARLOAFRICH, CRISTINACAUTERO, GIUSEPPECOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Tailoring bimetallic alloy surface properties by kinetic control of self-diffusion processes at the nanoscale 1-gen-2012 PERESSI, MARIABALDERESCHI, ALFONSODRI, CARLOPERONIO, ANGELOAFRICH, CRISTINAVESSELLI, ERIKCOMELLI, GIOVANNI +
Anchoring and bending of pentacene on aluminum (001) 1-gen-2015 VAIDYA, SHITAL RAMCHANDRAPATERA, LAERTE LUIGIAFRICH, CRISTINAFLOREANO, LUCA +
Activation of Cu(111) surface by decomposition into nanoclusters driven by CO adsorption 1-gen-2016 PATERA, LAERTE LUIGIAFRICH, CRISTINA +
On-surface synthesis of a 2D boroxine framework: A route to a novel 2D material? 1-gen-2018 Stredansky, MatusSala, AlessandroFontanot, TommasoCostantini, RobertoAfrich, CristinaComelli, GiovanniMorgante, AlbertoCossaro, Albano +
Graphene on nickel (100) micrograins: Modulating the interface interaction by extended moiré superstructures 1-gen-2018 Carnevali, VirginiaJugovac, MatteoPatera, Laerte L.Sala, AlessandroPanighel, MircoCepek, CinziaSoldano, GermanMariscal, Marcelo M.Peressi, MariaComelli, GiovanniAfrich, Cristina +
Real-time imaging of adatom-promoted graphene growth on nickel 1-gen-2018 Patera, Laerte L.Bianchini, FedericoAfrich, CristinaDri, CarloSoldano, GermanMariscal, Marcelo M.Peressi, MariaComelli, Giovanni
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