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Monolayer protected gold nanoparticles on ceria for an efficient CO oxidation catalyst 1-gen-2007 HICKEY, JAMES NEILMONTINI, TIZIANOFORNASIERO, PaoloPASQUATO, LUCIAGRAZIANI, MAURO +
Embedded Rh(1wt %)@Al2O3: Effects of high temperature and prolonged aging under methane partial oxidation conditions 1-gen-2007 MONTINI, TIZIANOHICKEY, JAMES NEILDE ROGATIS, LOREDANAFORNASIERO, PaoloGRAZIANI, MAURO +
Metodologie catalitiche per l’abbattimento degli inquinanti dei motori a combustione 1-gen-2008 KASPAR, JANHICKEY, JAMES NEIL +
Effect of the support on activity of silver catalysts for the selective reduction of NO by propene 1-gen-2010 HICKEY, JAMES NEILBOSCARATO, ILANKASPAR, JAN +
ECOMOS: Abbattimento di inquinamento da motori marini 1-gen-2011 BOSCARATO, ILANHICKEY, JAMES NEILKASPAR, JAN
Trans and cis influences and effects in cobalamins and in their simple models 1-gen-2012 DE MARCH, MATTEODEMITRI, NICOLAGEREMIA, SILVANOHICKEY, JAMES NEILRANDACCIO, LUCIO
New Multicomponent Porous Architecture of Self-Assembled Porphyrins/Calixarenes Driven by Nickel Ions 1-gen-2012 BRANCATELLI, GIOVANNADE ZORZI, RITAHICKEY, JAMES NEILSIEGA, PATRIZIAZINGONE, GUGLIELMOGEREMIA, SILVANO
Green Shipping: Abatement of Marine Engine Emissions Using an Integrated Catalyst/Srubber Technology 1-gen-2013 BOSCARATO, ILANHICKEY, JAMES NEILKASPAR, JAN
Trans and cis effects of axial fluoroalkyl ligands in Vitamin B12 analogues: relationship between alkyl and fluoroalkyl-cobalamins 1-gen-2013 RANDACCIO, LUCIOBRANCATELLI, GIOVANNADEMITRI, NICOLADREOS, RENATAHICKEY, JAMES NEILSIEGA, PATRIZIAGEREMIA, SILVANO
Air Pollution from Mobile Sources: Formation and effects and Abatement Strategies 1-gen-2014 HICKEY, JAMES NEILBOSCARATO, ILANKASPAR, JAN
A general exit strategy of monoheme cytochromes c and c2 in electron transfer complexes? 1-gen-2015 DE MARCH, MATTEOBRANCATELLI, GIOVANNADEMITRI, NICOLADE ZORZI, RITAHICKEY, JAMES NEILGEREMIA, SILVANO
High-resolution crystal structure of the recombinant diheme cytochrome c from Shewanella baltica (OS155) 1-gen-2015 DE MARCH, MATTEOHICKEY, JAMES NEILGEREMIA, SILVANO +
Green shipping: Marine engine pollution abatement using a combined catalyst/seawater scrubber system. 1. Effect of catalyst 1-gen-2015 BOSCARATO, ILANHICKEY, JAMES NEILKASPAR, JAN +
The crystal structure of the C-terminal domain of the salmonella enterica pduo protein: An old fold with a new heme-binding mode 1-gen-2016 HICKEY, JAMES NEILGEREMIA, SILVANO +
Interactions of a water-soluble calix[4]arene with spermine: Solution and solid-state characterisation 1-gen-2016 BRANCATELLI, GIOVANNAHICKEY, JAMES NEILFARNETTI, ERICADE ZORZI, RITAGEREMIA, SILVANO +
A Simple Tetraminocalix[4]arene as a Highly Efficient Catalyst under "On-Water" Conditions through Hydrophobic Amplification of Weak Hydrogen Bonds 1-gen-2017 HICKEY, JAMES NEILGEREMIA, SILVANO +
Hydrogen Evolution by FeIIIMolecular Electrocatalysts Interconverting between Mono and Di-Nuclear Structures in Aqueous Phase 1-gen-2017 Hickey, NealDe Zorzi, RitaGeremia, Silvano +
Supramolecular synthons in the gamma-hydroxybutenolides 1-gen-2017 Hickey, NealGeremia, Silvano +
Selective Binding of Spherical and Linear Anions by Tetraphenyl(thio)urea-Based Dihomooxacalix[4]arene Receptors 1-gen-2017 Brancatelli, GiovannaHickey, NealGeremia, Silvano +
Anion Recognition by Partial Cone Dihomooxacalix[4]arene-Based Receptors Bearing Urea Groups: Remarkable Affinity for Benzoate Ion 1-gen-2018 Brancatelli, GiovannaHickey, NealGeremia, Silvano +
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