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A New Ligand alpha-Aminoacid: (S)-2-Amino-3-[1,4,7-Triazacyclononane)]Propanoic Acid 1-gen-1998 FELLUGA, FULVIA +
Control of Permeation of Ions Across Vesicles and Chemical Differentiation of their Bilayer Membrane 1-gen-1998 FELLUGA, FULVIATECILLA, PAOLO +
Synthesis of (+)- and (–)-Phaseolinic Acid by Combination of Enzymatic Hydrolysis and Chemical Transformations with Revision of the Absolute Configuration of the Natural Product 1-gen-1998 DRIOLI, SaraFELLUGA, FULVIAFORZATO, CristinaNITTI, PATRIZIAPITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO
A Bimetallic Helical Heptapeptide as a Transphosphorylation Catalyst in Water 1-gen-1999 FELLUGA, FULVIATECILLA, PAOLO +
An Azacrown-functionalized Peptide as a Metal Ion-based Catalyst for the Cleavage of a RNA-model Substrate 1-gen-2000 FELLUGA, FULVIATECILLA, PAOLO +
Metal-driven Self Assembly of C3 Symmetry Molecular Cages 1-gen-2000 FELLUGA, FULVIATECILLA, PAOLO +
Dinuclear Zn2+ Complexes of Synthetic Heptapeptides as Artificial Nucleases 1-gen-2001 FELLUGA, FULVIATECILLA, PAOLO +
A chemoenzymatic approach to the synthesis of enantiomerically pure aza analogues of paraconic acid methyl ester and both enantiomers of methyl β-proline 1-gen-2001 FELLUGA, FULVIAPITACCO, GIULIANAPRICL, SABRINAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Computational studies on the enantioselectivity of alpha-chymotrypsin towards beta-carbomethoxy-gamma-lactams. 1-gen-2002 FELLUGA, FULVIAFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOFERRONE, MARCOPITACCO, GIULIANAPRICL, SABRINAVALENTIN, ENNIO
Chemo-Enzymatic Synthesis and Determination of the Absolute Configuration of Both Enantiomers of Methyl trans-5-Oxo-2-pentylpyrrolidine-3-carboxylate Precursors of the Aza Analogues of (+)- and (−)-Methylenolactocin 1-gen-2002 FELLUGA, FULVIAFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOPITACCO, GIULIANAPRICL, SABRINAVALENTIN, ENNIO +
Enantiomerically pure beta,gamma-disubstituted gamma-lactams: Enzyme-mediated synthesis and computational studies 1-gen-2002 PRICL, SABRINAFELLUGA, FULVIAPITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIOFERRONE, MARCO
Reactions of Fischer's base with cyclic and acyclic conjugated nitroolefins and nitrovinylethers 1-gen-2002 FELLUGA, FULVIAFORZATO, CristinaNITTI, PATRIZIAPITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO
Studying enzyme enantioselectivity using combined ab initio and free energy calculations: alfa-chymotrypsin and methyl cis- and trans-5-oxo-2-pentylpirrolidine-3-carboxylates 1-gen-2003 FELLUGA, FULVIAPITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOFERRONE, MARCOPRICL, SABRINA +
Aluminium fluorescence detection with a FRET amplified chemosensor 1-gen-2003 FELLUGA, FULVIATECILLA, PAOLO +
Enantioselectivity of alpha-chytripsyn towards 4,5-disubstituted-gamma-lactams: a new perspective from molecular simulations 1-gen-2003 FERRONE, MARCOFERMEGLIA, MAURIZIOFELLUGA, FULVIAPITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIOPRICL, SABRINA +
Structure and Nucleophilic Behaviour of Secondary and Tertiary Enaminosulfones 1-gen-2003 FELLUGA, FULVIAFORZATO, CristinaGOMBAC, VALENTINANITTI, PATRIZIAPITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO
Poly(ethylene glycol)-Supported Copper(II) Triazacyclononane: an Efficient, Recoverable, and Recyclable Catalyst for the Cleavage of a Phosphodiester 1-gen-2003 DRIOLI, SaraFELLUGA, FULVIATECILLA, PAOLO +
A convenient chemoenzymatic synthesis of (R)-(-) and (S)-(+)-homo-beta-proline 1-gen-2004 FELLUGA, FULVIAGOMBAC, VALENTINAPITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO
A Chemoenzymatic Synthesis of Optically Active Aza Analogues of Quercus Lactones 1-gen-2004 FELLUGA, FULVIAGOMBAC, VALENTINAPAVAN, MICHELA VIOLETTAPITACCO, GIULIANAVALENTIN, ENNIO
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 82
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