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Hemodialysis induces p66(shc) gene expression in nondiabetic humans: correlations with oxidative stress and systemic inflammation. 1-gen-2011 ZANETTI, MICHELABARAZZONI, ROCCOGORTAN CAPPELLARI, GIANLUCABOSUTTI, ALESSANDRAGUARNIERI, GIANFRANCO +
High plasma retinol binding protein 4 (RBP4) is associated with systemic inflammation independently of low RBP4 adipose expression and is normalized by transplantation in nonobese, nondiabetic patients with chronic kidney disease 1-gen-2011 BARAZZONI, ROCCOZANETTI, MICHELASEMOLIC, ANNA MARIAPIRULLI, ALESSIABIOLO, GIANNIBOSUTTI, ALESSANDRAGUARNIERI, GIANFRANCO +
Human and mouse brain-derived endothelial cells require high levels of growth factors medium for their isolation, in vitro maintenance and survival. 1-gen-2013 BOSUTTI, ALESSANDRA +
Isolation and expansion of human and mouse brain microvascular endothelial cells. 1-gen-2013 BOSUTTI, ALESSANDRA +
Targeting p35/Cdk5 signalling via CIP-peptide promotes angiogenesis in hypoxia. 1-gen-2013 BOSUTTI, ALESSANDRA +
GT75 aptamer against eukaryotic elongation factor 1A as potential anticancer drug for castrate-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). 1-gen-2014 SCAGGIANTE, BRUNADAPAS, BARBARABOSUTTI, ALESSANDRAFARRA, ROSSELLAZANCONATI, FABRIZIOGRASSI, GABRIELEGRASSI, Mario
Whey protein plus bicarbonate supplement has little effects on structural atrophy and proteolysis marker immunopatterns in skeletal muscle disuse during 21 days of bed rest. 1-gen-2014 BOSUTTI, ALESSANDRA +
Local capillary supply in muscle is not determined by local oxidative capacity 1-gen-2015 BOSUTTI, ALESSANDRA +
The impact of resveratrol and hydrogen peroxide on muscle cell plasticity shows a dose-dependent interaction. 1-gen-2015 BOSUTTI, ALESSANDRA +
Epigenetic and miRNAs dysregulation in prostate cancer: the role of nutraceuticals. 1-gen-2016 BOSUTTI, ALESSANDRADAPAS, BARBARAGRASSI, GABRIELEPASSAMONTI, SABINAZANCONATI, FABRIZIOSCAGGIANTE, BRUNA
A rapid and specific method to simultaneously quantify eukaryoticelongation factor 1A1 and A2 protein levels in cancer cells 1-gen-2019 Alessandra BosuttiOdeta KalajaFabrizio ZanconatiBarbara DapasGabriele GrassiSabina PassamontiBruna Scaggiante
A “noisy” electrical stimulation protocol favors muscle regeneration in vitro through release of endogenous ATP 1-gen-2019 Bosutti A.Bernareggi A.MASSARIA, GABRIELED'Andrea P.TACCOLA, GiulianoLorenzon P.Sciancalepore M.
A pivotal study in human prostate cancer tissues and cell lines to measure the expression levels of eukaryotic Elongation Factor 1A proteins and the effect of a nucleic acid-based GT75 aptamer 1-gen-2020 Scaggiante B.Dapas B.Bosutti A.Giudici F.Bussani R.Bottin C.Grassi G.Zanconati F.
Effects of 21 days of bed rest and whey protein supplementation on plantar flexor muscle fatigue resistance during repeated shortening contractions. 1-gen-2020 Alessandra Bosutti +
Reactive Jumps Preserve Skeletal Muscle Structure, Phenotype, and Myofiber Oxidative Capacity in Bed Rest 1-gen-2020 Alessandra Bosutti +
Preliminary Observations on Skeletal Muscle Adaptation and Plasticity in Homer 2-/- Mice 1-gen-2021 Paola LorenzonAlessandra BosuttiGabriele MassariaAnnalisa BernareggiMarina Sciancalepore +
"Time window" effect of Yoda1-evoked Piezo1 channel activity during mouse skeletal muscle differentiation 1-gen-2021 Alessandra BosuttiMarina SciancaleporePaola D’AndreaPaola LorenzonAnnalisa Bernareggi +
The targeting of eEF1A1-actin complex by GT75 DNA-aptamer fight androgen-independent human prostate adenocarcinoma cells. 1-gen-2021 Scaggiante BBosutti ADapas BZanconati FPavan NGrassi G
High eEF1A1 Protein Levels Mark Aggressive Prostate Cancers and the In Vitro Targeting of eEF1A1 Reveals the eEF1A1–Actin Complex as a New Potential Target for Therapy 1-gen-2022 Alessandra BosuttiBarbara DapasGabriele GrassiRossana BussaniFabrizio ZanconatiFabiola GiudiciCristina BottinNicola PavanCarlo TrombettaBruna Scaggiante
The State of the Art of Piezo1 Channels in Skeletal Muscle Regeneration 1-gen-2022 Annalisa BernareggiAlessandra BosuttiGabriele MassariaMarina SciancaleporePaola Lorenzon +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 40
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