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Evaluating and interpreting cross-taxon congruence: Potential pitfalls and solutions 1-gen-2011 BACARO, Giovanni +
Geostatistical modelling of regional bird species richness: Exploring environmental proxies for conservation purpose 1-gen-2011 BACARO, Giovanni +
Accounting for uncertainty when mapping species distributions: The need for maps of ignorance 1-gen-2011 BACARO, Giovanni +
Biogeographical determinants of pteridophytes and spermatophytes on oceanic archipelagos 1-gen-2011 BACARO, Giovanni +
Non-native species distribution along the elevation gradient in the western Italian Alps 1-gen-2011 Siniscalco, Maria ConsolataBACARO, Giovanni +
Absence of distance decay in the similarity of plots at small extent in an urban brownfield 1-gen-2012 BACARO, Giovanni +
Coastline Dune Vegetation Dynamics: Evidence of No Stability 1-gen-2012 BACARO, Giovanni +
Computing diversity from dated phylogenies and taxonomic hierarchies: Does it make a difference to the conclusions? 1-gen-2012 BACARO, Giovanni +
The spatial domain matters: Spatially constrained species rarefaction in a Free and Open Source environment 1-gen-2012 BACARO, Giovanni +
Testing for Differences in Beta Diversity From Plot-To-Plot Dissimilarities 1-gen-2012 BACARO, Giovanni +
Establishing climatic constraints shaping the distribution of alien plant species along the elevation gradient in the Alps 1-gen-2012 BACARO, Giovanni +
Effects of an afforestation process on plant species richness: A retrogressive analysis 1-gen-2012 BACARO, Giovanni +
Functional traits of epiphytic lichens as potential indicators of environmental conditions in forest ecosystems 1-gen-2012 GIORDANI, PAOLOBACARO, GiovanniNASCIMBENE, JURI +
Functional rarefaction for species abundance data 1-gen-2012 BACARO, Giovanni +
Biodiversity, roads, & landscape fragmentation: Two Mediterranean cases 1-gen-2013 BACARO, Giovanni +
Beta diversity reconsidered 1-gen-2013 BACARO, Giovanni +
BIO_SOS Modelling Activities: Modelling Runoff-Sediment Connectivity 1-gen-2013 BACARO, Giovanni +
Calculating landscape diversity with information-theory based indices: A GRASS GIS solution 1-gen-2013 BACARO, Giovanni +
Spatial scales of variation in lichens: Implications for sampling design in biomonitoring surveys 1-gen-2013 GIORDANI, PAOLOINCERTI, GUIDOIANESCH, LUCABACARO, Giovanni +
Inventario Naturalistico: 3.2.1 - Diversità floristica e Vegetazionale; 3.2.2 – I Carabidi. 1-gen-2014 BACARO, Giovanni +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 166
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