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Calcium oxalate crystals in acute ethylene glycol poisoning: a confocal laser scanning microscope study in a fatal case 1-gen-2008 D'ERRICO, STEFANO +
Homicide or complex suicide? Disclosing the mystery 1-gen-2009 D'Errico S +
L'annegamento 1-gen-2009 D'Errico S
Cardiac failure due to epinephrine-secreting pheochromocytoma: clinical, laboratory and pathological findings in a sudden death 1-gen-2009 D'ERRICO, STEFANO +
Stillborn or liveborn? Comparing umbilical cord immunohistochemical expression of vitality markers (tryptase, alpha(1)-antichymotrypsin and CD68) by quantitative analysis and confocal laser scanning microscopy 1-gen-2009 D'ERRICO, STEFANO +
Arrhythmogenesis and diagnosis of cardiac sarcoidosis. An immunohistochemical study in a sudden cardiac death 1-gen-2009 D'Errico S +
Please don't get angry! Two fatal cases of emotional stress-related death in left ventricular apical ballooning syndrome (Tako Tsubo cardiomyopathy) 1-gen-2010 D'Errico S +
Postmortem Radiology and Digital ImagingForensic Autopsy 1-gen-2010 S D’errico +
External examination 1-gen-2010 D'Errico S
Enzymatic-nonenzymatic cellular antioxidant defense systems response and immunohistochemical detection of MDMA, VMAT2, HSP70, and apoptosis as biomarkers for MDMA (Ecstasy) neurotoxicity 1-gen-2010 D'ERRICO, STEFANO +
MDMA administration and heat shock proteins response: foreseeing a molecular link 1-gen-2010 D'Errico S +
A multidisciplinary approach to the investigation of a collapsed building 1-gen-2010 D'ERRICO, STEFANO +
Insight into stress-induced cardiomyopathy and sudden cardiac death due to stress. A forensic cardio-pathologist point of view 1-gen-2010 D'ERRICO, STEFANO +
Telluric movements of death: the cemetery go Gargano's Mafia inside the ravine of zazzano 1-gen-2011 D'Errico S +
Vertebral morphometry in forensics 1-gen-2011 D'Errico S +
Immunohistochemical characterisation and TNF-α expression of the granulomatous infiltration of the brainstem in a case of sudden death due to neurosarcoidosis 1-gen-2011 D'ERRICO, STEFANO +
A novel macabre ritual of the Italian Mafia ('Ndrangheta): covering hands with gloves and burying the corpse with burnt lime after execution 1-gen-2011 D'Errico S +
Renal heat shock proteins over-expression due to anabolic androgenic steroids abuse 1-gen-2011 D'ERRICO, STEFANO +
Cardiac β1-adrenoceptor expression in two stress-induced cardiomyopathy-related deaths 1-gen-2011 D'Errico S +
Lethal injuries following building collapse: comparison between autopsy and radiographic findings 1-gen-2011 D'ERRICO, STEFANO +
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 113
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