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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Light harvesting indolyl-substituted phosphoramide ligand for the enhancement of Mn(II) luminescence 1-gen-2020 Valentina FerraroLuca Pietrobon +
Metal-based antitumour drugs in the post-genomic era: what comes next? 1-gen-2011 SAVA, GIANNIBERGAMO, ALBERTA +
Mono- and dinuclear manganese(III) complexes showing efficient catechol oxidase activity: syntheses, characterization and spectroscopic studies 1-gen-2009 ZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
New half sandwich-type Ru(II) coordination compounds characterized by the fac-Ru(dmso-S)3 fragment: influence of the face-capping group on the chemical behavior and in vitro anticancer activity. 1-gen-2011 ZANGRANDO, ENNIOGIANFERRARA, TERESABergamo A.ALESSIO, ENZO +
Novel embedded Pd@CeO2 catalysts: a way to active and stable catalysts 1-gen-2010 CARGNELLO, MATTEOMONTINI, TIZIANOPOLIZZI, STEFANOGRAZIANI, MAUROFORNASIERO, Paolo +
Palladium complexes with simple iminopyridines as catalysts for polyketone synthesis 1-gen-2016 ROSAR, VERABALDUCCI, GABRIELEALESSIO, ENZOMILANI, Barbara +
Role of the ancillary ligands on the stabilization of the imino-oxo tautomer of 1-methyl-cytosine in PtII complexes 1-gen-2009 ZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
Ruthenium anticancer compounds: myths and realities of the emerging metal-based drugs 1-gen-2011 BERGAMO, ALBERTASAVA, GIANNI
Self-assembly of new three-dimensional molecular architectures of Cd(II) and Ag(I)–Na(I) using croconate as a building block 1-gen-2003 ZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
Self-assembly of silver(I) and bis-bidentate N,N-donor ligands: from a tetranuclear complex to coordination polymers 1-gen-2009 ZANGRANDO, ENNIO +
Synthetic strategies towards ruthenium-porphyrin conjugates for anticancer activity 1-gen-2009 GIANFERRARA, TERESAIENGO, ELISABETTAMILANI, BarbaraOSTRIC, ADRIANZANGRANDO, ENNIOALESSIO, ENZO +
The unprecedented bridging coordination mode of 1,1-cyclobutane dicarboxylate (µ-cbdc-O,O´) stabilized by intramolecular hydrogen bonds in ruthenium(II) complexes 1-gen-2005 ZANGRANDO, ENNIOALESSIO, ENZO +
Unique syndio-selectivity in CO/styrene copolymerization reaction catalyzed by palladium complexes with 2-(2′-oxazolinyl)-1,10-phenanthrolines 1-gen-2012 MEDURI, ANGELOZANGRANDO, ENNIOMILANI, Barbara +
Mostrati risultati da 9 a 21 di 21
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