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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Road Traffic Rules Synthesis Using Grammatical Evolution 1-gen-2017 MEDVET, EricBARTOLI, AlbertoTALAMINI, JACOPO
A robust genetic algorithm for learning temporal specifications from data 1-gen-2018 Nenzi, LauraSilvetti, SimoneBortolussi, Luca +
A Safe Depth Forecasting Model for Insuring Tubewell Installations Against Arsenic Risk in Bangladesh 1-gen-2017 TREVISANI, MATILDE +
Scalable Stochastic Parametric Verification with Stochastic Variational Smoothed Model Checking 1-gen-2023 Bortolussi L.Cairoli F.Carbone G.Pulcini P.
Selecting Optimal Trace Clustering Pipelines with Meta-learning 1-gen-2022 Barbon Junior S. +
Signal Convolution Logic 1-gen-2018 Silvetti, SimoneNenzi, LauraBortolussi, Luca +
Smart Cities or Smurf Cities 1-gen-2014 BORRUSO, GIUSEPPE +
Software Verification and Formal Methods for ML-Enabled Autonomous Systems 1-gen-2022 Laura Nenzi +
Some Preliminary Remarks on the Recreational Business District in the City of Sassari: A Social Network Approach 1-gen-2014 BATTINO, SILVIABORRUSO, GIUSEPPEDONATO, CARLO
Static and kinematic surveys using GNSS multi-constellation receivers and GPS, GLONASS and galileo data 1-gen-2018 Cefalo R.NOVELLI, ANDREASluga T.Snider P.Tommasi A. +
Stochastic Blockmodeling for the Analysis of Big Data 1-gen-2019 gabriella schoiergiuseppe borruso
Studying Emergent Behaviours in Morphogenesis Using Signal Spatio-Temporal Logic 1-gen-2015 BORTOLUSSI, LUCANenzi, Laura +
A Text Mining Analysis on Big Data Extracted from Social Media 1-gen-2020 Gabriella SchoierGiuseppe Borruso +
Towards flexible similarity analysis of XML data 1-gen-2015 CUZZOCREA, Alfredo Massimiliano +
Towards more natural social interactions of visually impaired persons 1-gen-2015 CARRATO, SERGIOFENU, GIANFRANCOMEDVET, EricMUMOLO, ENZOPELLEGRINO, FELICE ANDREARAMPONI, GIOVANNI
Towards temporal analysis of integrated scenarios for sustainable innovation 1-gen-2016 CUZZOCREA, Alfredo Massimiliano +
Transactions on Large-Scale Data- and Knowledge-Centered Systems XXI - Selected Papers from DaWaK 2012 1-gen-2015 CUZZOCREA, Alfredo Massimiliano +
U-Check: Model Checking and Parameter Synthesis Under Uncertainty 1-gen-2015 BORTOLUSSI, LUCA +
Mostrati risultati da 67 a 84 di 84
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