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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Machine Learning Methods in Statistical Model Checking and System Design – Tutorial 1-gen-2015 BORTOLUSSI, LUCA +
Mining Popular Patterns: A Novel Mining Problem and Its Application to Static Transactional Databases and Dynamic Data Streams 1-gen-2015 CUZZOCREA, Alfredo Massimiliano +
Mining uplink-downlink user association in wireless heterogeneous networks 1-gen-2016 CUZZOCREA, Alfredo Massimiliano +
Model-Based Whole-Genome Analysis of DNA Methylation Fidelity 1-gen-2015 BORTOLUSSI, LUCA +
A Monoidal View on Fixpoint Checks 1-gen-2023 Padoan T. +
A multi-view learning approach to the discovery of deviant process instances 1-gen-2015 CUZZOCREA, Alfredo Massimiliano +
Naturally Interpretable Control Policies via Graph-Based Genetic Programming 1-gen-2024 Nadizar, GiorgiaMedvet, Eric +
Neural Predictive Monitoring 1-gen-2019 Luca BortolussiFrancesca Cairoli +
On Model based Clustering in a Spatial Data Mining Context 1-gen-2013 SCHOIER, GABRIELLABORRUSO, GIUSEPPE
On the Automation of Ports and Logistics Chains in the Adriatic Region 1-gen-2020 Luca BraidottiMaurizio CociancichVittorio Bucci +
On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems: OTM 2014 Conferences - Confederated International Conferences: CoopIS, and ODBASE 2014, Amantea, Italy, October 27-31, 2014, Proceedings 1-gen-2014 CUZZOCREA, Alfredo Massimiliano +
On the Problem of Clustering Spatial Big Data 1-gen-2015 SCHOIER, GABRIELLABORRUSO, GIUSEPPE
On the Schedule for Morphological Development of Evolved Modular Soft Robots 1-gen-2022 Giorgia NadizarEric Medvet +
On the Effects of Collaborators Selection and Aggregation in Cooperative Coevolution: An Experimental Analysis 1-gen-2023 Nadizar, GiorgiaMedvet, Eric
One-Shot Learning of Ensembles of Temporal Logic Formulas for Anomaly Detection in Cyber-Physical Systems 1-gen-2022 Patrick IndriAlberto BartoliEric MedvetLaura Nenzi
Onset and Today’s Perspectives of Multilevel Syllogistic 1-gen-2024 Domenico CantoneEugenio Omodeo
Outer Approximations of Coherent Lower Probabilities Using Belief Functions 1-gen-2018 Paolo Vicig +
Polarization and hierarchies in air passenger transport in Europe 1-gen-2013 BORRUSO, GIUSEPPE
Preface 1-gen-2015 CUZZOCREA, Alfredo Massimiliano +
Public Real Estate Assets and the Metropolitan Strategic Plan in Italy. The Two Cases of Milan and Cagliari 1-gen-2020 Balletto GinevraBorruso Giuseppe +
Mostrati risultati da 47 a 66 di 84
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