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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
A 50,000-year climatic record from the new coastal TALDICE ice core: consequences on millennial-scale variability features through the Antarctic continent 1-gen-2010 STENNI, BARBARA +
A 7-month-old boy with liver abscesses 1-gen-2010 TADDIO, ANDREAVENTURA, ALESSANDRO +
A 70-year-old woman with an espansile lesion of the right anterior mandibole 1-gen-2003 MAGLIONE, MICHELETIRELLI, GIAN CARLO +
A `Theory' mechanism for a proof verifier based on first-order set theory 1-gen-2002 OMODEO, EUGENIO +
A background-free detector for cosmic ray showers in the atmosphere 1-gen-1992 BUDINICH, MARCOMILOTTI, EDOARDO +
A Basic Business Model for Commercial Application of Identification Tools 1-gen-2010 MARTELLOS, Stefano +
A Bayesian kriging model for estimating residential exposure to air pollution of children living in a high-risk area in Italy 1-gen-2013 BARBONE, Fabio +
A Bayesian method to infer copy number clones from single-cell RNA and ATAC sequencing 1-gen-2023 Bergamin, RiccardoCalonaci, NicolaD’Onofrio, AlbertoAnselmi, FabioCaravagna, Giulio +
A Bayesian State Space Approach to Cointegration in Panel Data Models 1-gen-2006 CARMECI, GAETANO
A benchmark calculation for the fuzzy c-means clustering algorithm: initial memberships 1-gen-2012 Rodriguez Garcia, Alejandro +
A bent Laue crystal monochromator for monochromatic radiography with an area beam 1-gen-1997 ARFELLI, FULVIA +
A betaPP peptide carboxyl-terminal to Abeta is neurotoxic 1-gen-1999 MARCON, Gabriella +
A better understanding of the properties of alginate solutions and gels by quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) 1-gen-1998 PAOLETTI, SERGIO +
A bi-parametric model for the tumour angiogenesis and antiangiogenesis therapy 1-gen-2009 D'ONOFRIO A +
A Bidimensional Approach to Life Portfolio Valuations and to the Insurer's Future Business 1-gen-2005 MILLOSSOVICH, PIETRO +
A Bidimensional Approach to Mortality Risk 1-gen-2006 BIFFIS, ENRICOMILLOSSOVICH, PIETRO
A bifunctionalized porous material containing discrete assemblies of copper-porphyrins and calixarenes metallated by ion diffusion 1-gen-2010 DE ZORZI, RITAGUIDOLIN, NicolRANDACCIO, LUCIOGEREMIA, SILVANO
A biliprotein from the red alga Gracilaria longa: thermal stability of R-Phycoerythrin 1-gen-1993 RIZZO, ROBERTOPAOLETTI, SERGIO +
A Bimetallic Helical Heptapeptide as a Transphosphorylation Catalyst in Water 1-gen-1999 FELLUGA, FULVIATECILLA, PAOLO +
A Bioactive Fullerene Peptide 1-gen-1994 PRATO, MAURIZIO +
Mostrati risultati da 523 a 542 di 96.435
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