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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Expression of a Gene of the MCM/P1 Family during the Regenerative Process in Planaria 1-gen-1997 Cingolani L +
Expression of activated caspase-3 in Alzheimer’s Disease and in Frontotemporal Dementia 1-gen-2000 Marcon G +
Expression of BCL-2 via adeno-associated virus vectors rescues thalamic neurons after visual cortex lesion in the adult rat. 1-gen-2002 GIACCA, MAURO +
Expression of bilitranslocase in the vascular endothelium and its function as a flavonoid transporter 1-gen-2010 TRAMER, FEDERICANICOLIN, VANESSADECORTI, GIULIANAPASSAMONTI, SABINA +
Expression of c-sis oncogene products in peripheral nerve tissue 1-gen-1992 Marcon G +
The expression of CD90/Thy-1 in hepatocellular carcinoma: an in vivo and in vitro study 1-gen-2013 SUKOWATI, CAECILIA HAPSARI CERIAPURIANFUSO, BEATRICECROCE', Saveria, LoryTIRIBELLI, CLAUDIO +
The expression of complement component C3 is specifically localized in endometrial ectopic tissue and is involved in the endometriotic lesion formation 1-gen-2019 Agostinis, CZorzet, SBotto, MBorelli, VRomano, FRicci, GBulla, R
Expression of Complement Factor H Binding immunoevasion Proteinsin Borrelia garinii Isolated from Patients with Neuroborreliosis 1-gen-2005 CINCO, MARINA +
Expression of cyclin-dependent kinases and CDC25a phosphatase is related with recurrences and survival in women with peri- and post-menopausal breast cancer. 1-gen-2006 BONIN, SerenaSTANTA, GIORGIO +
Expression of cytoskeletal and molt-related genes is temporally scheduled in the hypodermis of the crayfish Procambarus clarkii during premolt 1-gen-2014 MANFRIN, CHIARAGERDOL, MARCODE MORO, GIANLUCAPALLAVICINI, AlbertoGIULIANINI, PIERO GIULIO +
Expression of DbpA and DbpB antigen of B.burgdorferi on Italian strains and human response. 1-gen-2000 CINCO, MARINA +
Expression of E-Cadherin during osteoclastogenesis using a coculture as a model of cell-cell interaction 1-gen-2008 NICOLIN, VANESSANARDUCCI, PAOLA
Expression of high mobility group A2 protein inretinoblastoma and its association with clinicopathologic features. 1-gen-2009 MANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTO +
Expression of HMGI(Y) proteins in squamous intraepithelial and invasive lesions of the uterine cervix. 1-gen-1998 BANDIERA, AntonellaBONIFACIO, DANIELAMANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTOMANTOVANI, FIAMMARUSTIGHI, ALESSANDRAZANCONATI, FABRIZIODI BONITO, LUIGIGIANCOTTI, VINCENZO +
Expression of HMGI-C and HMGI(Y) in ordinary lipoma and atypical lipomatous tumors. 1-gen-1997 MANFIOLETTI, GUIDALBERTOGIANCOTTI, VINCENZO +
Expression of kidney and liver bilitranslocase in response to acute biliary obstruction. 1-gen-2010 Franca R.PASSAMONTI, SABINA +
Expression of MAGE-A antigens is frequent in triple-negative breast cancers but does not correlate with that of basal-like markers 1-gen-2011 Canzonieri V +
Expression of MMP-2 induced by two bonding systems in HPFs 1-gen-2011 MAZZONI, AnnalisaBRESCHI, LORENZO +
Expression of multidrug resistance gene (MDR-1) in human normal leukocytes. 1-gen-1993 GIACCA, MAURO +
Expression of nanoleakage at light microscope: comparison between a total-etch and a self-etch adhesive 1-gen-2006 BRESCHI, LORENZO +
Mostrati risultati da 30.945 a 30.964 di 95.939
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