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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Modelling of the Mechanical Behaviour of Porous Materials: A New Approach 1-gen-2001 COSMI, Francesca +
Modelling of the seismic ground motion for the Umbria-Marche earthquake sequence (September 1997) 1-gen-2000 AOUDIA, ABDELKRIMCHIMERA, GIORDANOCOSTA, GIOVANNINUNZIATA, ConcettinaPANZA, GIULIANOROMANELLI, FabioSUHADOLC, PETERVACCARI, FRANCO +
Modelling partitioning of sparingly soluble drugs in a two phase liquid system 1-gen-2002 GRASSI, Mario +
Modelling passenger choice between air and high speed rail transportation modes. 1-gen-2004 CAPON, PAOLA
Modelling Petroleum Cut C10-C14 1-gen-1996 CORTESI, ANGELOALESSI, PAOLOKIKIC, IRENEO
Modelling present and future climatic niche of the most common Sardinian orchids 1-gen-2017 Silvia OngaroStefano Martellos +
Modelling Production Management Problems by Knowledge-Based Approximations 1-gen-1993 NICOLICH, MARINO +
Modelling projection effects in optically selected cluster catalogues 1-gen-2018 Costanzi Alunno Cerbolini M. +
Modelling short-term effects of ozone on morbidity: an application to the city of Milano, Italy, 1995–2003 1-gen-2011 PAULI, FRANCESCO +
Modelling solubility of Solids in Supercritical Fluids Using Fusion Properties 1-gen-1999 ALESSI, PAOLOCORTESI, ANGELOKIKIC, IRENEO +
Modelling stable water isotopes during “high-precipitation” events at Dome C, Antarctica 1-gen-2014 STENNI, BARBARA +
Modelling Techniques to Monitor the Injection of Carbon Dioxide in Deep Saline Aquifers 30-mag-2017 DA COL, FEDERICO
Modelling temporal thematic map contents 1-gen-2003 D'ONOFRIO A +
Modelling the basic separation phenomena in flowing film concentration processes 1-gen-1993 BEVILACQUA, PAOLO +
Modelling the blast response of assembled/composite ordinary glass windows 1-gen-2023 Bedon, Chiara
Modelling the chemical evolution of Zr, La, Ce, and Eu in the Galactic discs and bulge 1-gen-2020 Grisoni V.Cescutti G.Matteucci F. +
Modelling the effects of dust evolution on the SEDs of galaxies of different morphological type 1-gen-2009 MATTEUCCI, MARIA FRANCESCA +
Modelling the mechanical behaviour of typical wall-to-floor connection systems for cross-laminated timber structures 1-gen-2018 Izzi, MatteoPolastri, AndreaFragiacomo, Massimo
Modelling the mercury biogeochemical cycle in coastal and marine environments 26-mag-2017 ROSATI, GINEVRA
Modelling the nova rate in galaxies 1-gen-2003 MATTEUCCI, MARIA FRANCESCA +
Mostrati risultati da 53.159 a 53.178 di 91.854
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