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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
New mechanical model to predict the load bearing resistance of shear connectors with modern forms of profiled sheeting 1-gen-2018 Amadio, ClaudioBedon, Chiara +
A new mechanism for soft landing in robotic space exploration 1-gen-2019 Seriani S.
A New Mechanism for the Deployment of Modular Solar Arrays: Kinematic and Static Analysis 1-gen-2019 Seriani S.Gallina P.Scalera L.Gasparetto A. +
New Mechanisms in Autoinflammatory Diseases 1-gen-2017 Annalisa MarcuzziElisa PiscianzErica ValencicAlberto Tommasini
New meso-substituted trans-A2B2 di(4-pyridyl)porphyrins as building blocks for metal-mediated self-assembling of 4 + 4 Re(i)–porphyrin metallacycles 1-gen-2013 BOCCALON, MARIANGELAIENGO, ELISABETTATECILLA, PAOLO
A New Method for Determining the Leakage Inductances of a Nine-Phase Synchronous Machine From No-Load and Short-Circuit Tests 1-gen-2015 TESSAROLO, ALBERTOMOHAMADIAN, SOBHANBORTOLOZZI, MAURO
New Method for Measuring the Detail Preservation of Noise Removal Techniques in Digital Images 1-gen-2015 RUSSO, FABRIZIO
New Method for Performance Evaluation of Grayscale ImageDenoising Filters 1-gen-2010 RUSSO, FABRIZIO
A new method for quantifying the phylogenetic redundancy of biological communities 1-gen-2017 Bacaro G. +
A New Method for the Accurate Prediction of On-Load Power Factor in Two-Pole Induction Motors Considering Shaft Eddy Currents 1-gen-2020 Olivo, MatteoBortolozzi, MauroTessarolo, Alberto +
A new method for the analytical determination of the complex relative permeance function in linear electric machines with slotted air gap 1-gen-2016 TESSAROLO, ALBERTOOLIVO, MATTEO
A New Method for the Analytical Determination of the Complex Relative Permeance Function in Slotted Electrical Machines 1-gen-2018 Mauro BortolozziNicola BarbiniMatteo OlivoAlberto Tessarolo
A new method for the preparation of gelatin nanolayer: a possible approach to the in situ consolidation of damaged gelatin photographic emulsions 1-gen-2016 Greco E. +
A new method for the realistic estimation of seismic ground motion in megacities: the case of Rome 1-gen-1993 SUHADOLC, PETERPANZA, GIULIANO +
A new method to study microtopographical changes in the intertidal zone: one year of TMEM measuremets on a limestone removable rock slab (RRS). 1-gen-2010 FURLANI, STEFANOCUCCHI, FRANCO +
A new methodology to estimate the EM velocity from Common Offset GPR: Theory and application on synthetic and real data 1-gen-2013 DOSSI, MATTEOFORTE, EmanuelePIPAN, MICHELECOLUCCI, RENATO
New MIS 19 EPICA Dome C high resolution deuterium data: hints for a problematic preservation of climate variability at sub-millennial scale in the “oldest ice” 1-gen-2010 STENNI, BARBARA +
New molecular therapies in patients with advanced Hepatocellular Cancer in second line of treatment: Is a real defeat?: Results from a literature based meta-analysis of randomized trials 1-gen-2016 ROVIELLO, GIANDOMENICOGENERALI, DANIELE +
New Molecules and Nano-materials for Artificial Photosynthesis 26-apr-2017 PIZZOLATO, ERICA
New monocationic methylpalladium(II) compounds with several bidentate nitrogen–donor ligands: synthesis, characterisation and reactivity with CO 1-gen-2002 MILANI, BarbaraZANGRANDO, ENNIOMESTRONI, GIOVANNI +
Mostrati risultati da 58.435 a 58.454 di 95.566
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