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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
Robust design optimisation of dynamical space systems 1-gen-2018 KORONDI, PETER ZENOMARCHI, MARIAPIA CORRADAC. Poloni​ +
Robust Design Optimization – theory and applications 1-gen-2012 PEDIRODA, VALENTINOPOLONI, CARLOPARUSSINI, LUCIA
Robust design, approximation methods and self organizing map techniques for MDO problems 1-gen-2007 PEDIRODA, VALENTINOPOLONI, CARLO
Robust design, approximation methods and self organizing map techniques for MDO problems. Applications in aeronautics and turbomachinery 1-gen-2008 PEDIRODA, VALENTINOPOLONI, CARLO
Robust Design, Approximation Methods and Self Organizing Maps Techniques for MDO problems 1-gen-2006 PEDIRODA, VALENTINOPOLONI, CARLO
Robust detection and correction of blotches in old films using spatio-temporal information 1-gen-2002 RAMPONI, GIOVANNICARRATO, SERGIO +
Robust fault isolation for a class of non-linear input-output systems 1-gen-2001 PARISINI, Thomas +
Robust Finite-Time Estimation of Biased Sinusoidal Signals: A Volterra Operators Approach 1-gen-2017 PARISINI, Thomas +
Robust Frequency-Adaptive Quadrature PLLs with Lyapunov-certified Global Stability In corso di stampa G. PinT. Parisini +
Robust Gamma regression models for the analysis of health care cost data 1-gen-2012 Barbati, GiuliaGregori, Dario +
A robust genetic algorithm for learning temporal specifications from data 1-gen-2018 Nenzi, LauraSilvetti, SimoneBortolussi, Luca +
A robust goal programming model for transfer pricing risk hedging: Preliminary results 1-gen-2019 Liuzzi D. +
Robust inference in panel data microeconometrics, using R 1-gen-2021 Giovanni Millo
Robust Measurement of the Blocking Artifact 1-gen-2009 RAMPONI, GIOVANNIABATE, LEONARDO
A robust method to perform time-domain analysis of PWL dynamic circuits 1-gen-2014 PASTORE, STEFANO
Robust Minimum-time Constrained Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Systems: New Results 1-gen-2011 PARISINI, Thomas +
Robust Minimum-Time Control of Nonlinear Discrete-Time Dynamical Systems with Non-Robustly Controllable Target Sets 1-gen-2014 PIN, GILBERTOPARISINI, Thomas
Robust Model Predictive Control of Nonlinear Systems with Bounded and State-Dependent Uncertainties 1-gen-2009 PARISINI, Thomas +
Robust model-based fault diagnosis using neural nonlinear estimators 1-gen-1998 PARISINI, Thomas +
A Robust Nonlinear Observer-based Approach for Distributed Fault Detection of Input-Output Interconnected Systems 1-gen-2015 PARISINI, Thomas +
Mostrati risultati da 68.655 a 68.674 di 87.116
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