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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
The chains of knowledge in the rice production of the Po River Delta 1-gen-2010 OSTI, GIORGIO
The challenge of cardiomyopathies in 2007 1-gen-2008 SINAGRA, GIANFRANCOBUSSANI, ROSSANASILVESTRI, FURIO +
“The Challenge of Reason: from Certainty to Truth” 1-gen-2009 FERRINI, Cinzia
The challenge of the Mediterranean climate to plant hydraulics: responses and adaptations. 1-gen-2014 NARDINI, AndreaSALLEO, SEBASTIANO +
The challenge of thermal deposition of coordination compounds: insight into the case of an Fe4 single molecule magnet 1-gen-2016 Lanzilotto, Valeria +
The chances to produce and detect the b b anti-u anti-d tetraquark at LHC 1-gen-2003 DEL FABBRO, ALESSIOTRELEANI, DANIELE +
The Chandra Deep Field-South: The 1 Million Second Exposure 1-gen-2002 BORGANI, STEFANO +
The changing epidemiology of gynaecological cancer in Trieste: a fifteen year case study 1-gen-1988 DI BONITO, LUIGI +
The changing input structure of the Us construction industry: a longitudinal analysis 1-gen-2009 GREGORI, TULLIO +
The changing pattern of imported malaria in north-eastern Italy 1-gen-1993 LUZZATI, ROBERTO +
The CHAOS Fast Trigger: An Array of telescopes for e, pi and p mass identification in the intermediate-energy region 1-gen-1994 BONUTTI, FAUSTINOCAMERINI, PaoloRUI, RINALDO +
The CHAOS spectrometer for pion physics at TRIUMF 1-gen-1995 BONUTTI, FAUSTINOCAMERINI, PaoloRUI, RINALDO +
The characterisation of the multianode photomultiplier tubes for the RICH-1 upgrade project at COMPASS 1-gen-2008 BRESSAN, AndreaCILIBERTI, PIEROLEVORATO, STEFANOMARTIN, ANNASCHIAVON, PAOLOTAKEKAWA, STEFANO +
The characterization of boron sites in glass structure of calc-alkaline magma (Capraia Island, Italy). 1-gen-2007 SLEJKO, FRANCESCA FEDERICAPETRINI, RICCARDO +
The characterization of the 5' region of the Fanconi Anemia Group C (FACC) gene 1-gen-1995 SAVOIA, ANNA +
The characterization of the distant blazar GB6 J1239+0443 from flaring and low activity periods 1-gen-2012 LONGO, FRANCESCO +
The chemical and isotopic signal in the ITASE TNB-DC traverse surface snow. 1-gen-2003 FLORA, ONELIO +
The Chemical Enrichment of the ICM from Hydrodynamical Simulations 1-gen-2008 BORGANI, STEFANO +
The Chemical Evolution in the Solar Vicinity and the Nucleosynthesis of Neutron Capture Elements 1-gen-2008 CESCUTTI GMATTEUCCI F +
The chemical evolution of a Milky Way-like Galaxy: the importance of a cosmologically motivated infall law 1-gen-2008 COLAVITTI, EDOARDOMATTEUCCI, MARIA FRANCESCA +
Mostrati risultati da 85.030 a 85.049 di 93.620
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