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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori File
The A(K-(stop), Lambda d)A-prime reaction, a tool to observe [anti-K N N N] clusters 1-gen-2007 CAMERINI, PaoloRUI, RINALDO +
The A(K−stop,π±Σ∓)A reaction on p-shell nuclei 1-gen-2011 BREGANT, MARCOCAMERINI, PaoloPIANO, STEFANORUI, RINALDO +
The A/G polymorphism in the -78 position of the apolipoprotein A-I promoter does not have a direct effect on transcriptional efficiency 1-gen-1998 ROMANO, MAURIZIO +
The A736V TMPRSS6 polymorphism influences hepcidin and iron metabolism in chronic hemodialysis patients: TMPRSS6 and hepcidin in hemodialysis 1-gen-2013 TRAGLIA, MICHELA +
The ABCD rule of dermatoscopy does not apply to small melanocytic skin lesions. 1-gen-2001 PIZZICHETTA MATREVISAN, GIUSTO +
The ability of mitochondrial calcium binding glycoprotein to restore calciun transport in glycoprotein-depleted mitochondria 1-gen-1979 PANFILI, ENRICO +
The absence of Global Positive Solutions to Quasilinear Elliptic Inequalities 1-gen-1998 MITIDIERI, ENZO +
The accuracy of ab initio molecular geometries for systems containingsecond-row atoms 1-gen-2005 CORIANI, Sonia +
The accuracy of discharge diagnosis coding for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis in a large teaching hospital 1-gen-2009 BARBONE, Fabio +
The ACRUP-1 Experiment 1993-94: Deep crustal investigations across the Transantarctic Mountains and the adjacent Ross Sea depression (Antarctica) 1-gen-1994 DELLA VEDOVA, BRUNO +
The action of polyphenols on the cardio-vascular system and the ability of bilitranslocase 1-gen-2007 NICOLIN, VANESSAPASSAMONTI, SABINA +
The active and passive populations of extremely red objects 1-gen-2010 MONACO, Pierluigi +
The active motif At1002, increases ZO-1 and myosin 1 beta serine phosphorylation, their intercation and intestinal permeability 1-gen-2006 NOT, TARCISIO +
The Acute Scrotum 1-gen-2013 BERTOLOTTO, MICHELE +
The Adapt Framework for Adaptable and Composable Web Services 1-gen-2005 BARTOLI, Alberto +
The Adaptive Calibration Model of stress responsivity 1-gen-2011 DEL GIUDICE, Marco +
The Adaptive Calibration Model of stress responsivity: Concepts, findings, and implications for developmental psychopathology 1-gen-2017 Del Giudice +
The Adaptive Calibration model: An evolutionary-developmental framework for stress responsivity 1-gen-2011 DEL GIUDICE, Marco
The added diagnostic value of 64-row multidetector CT combined with contrast-enhanced US in the evaluation of hepatocellular nodule vascularity: implications in the diagnosis of malignancy in patients with liver cirrhosis. 1-gen-2009 QUAIA, EmilioBaratella ECOVA, MARIA ASSUNTA +
Mostrati risultati da 85.070 a 85.089 di 93.880
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